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Pakiet: golang-github-gorilla-csrf-dev (1.6.2-4)

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Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention middleware for Go

gorilla/csrf is a HTTP middleware library that provides cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection. It includes:

 * The csrf.Protect middleware/handler provides CSRF protection on routes
   attached to a router or a sub-router.
 * A csrf.Token function that provides the token to pass into your response,
   whether that be a HTML form or a JSON response body.
 * ... and a csrf.TemplateField helper that you can pass into your
   html/template templates to replace a {{ .csrfField }} template tag
   with a hidden input field.

gorilla/csrf is designed to work with any Go web framework, including:

 * The Gorilla toolkit
 * Go's built-in net/http package
 * Goji - see the tailored fork
 * Gin
 * Echo
 * ... and any other router/framework that rallies around Go's http.Handler

gorilla/csrf is also compatible with middleware 'helper' libraries like Alice and Negroni.

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