Software Packages in "buster-backports", Subsection admin

ansible (2.9.16+dfsg-1~bpo10+2)
Configuration management, deployment, and task execution system
apt-offline (1.8.2-1~bpo10+1)
offline APT package manager
apt-offline-gui (1.8.2-1~bpo10+1)
offline APT package manager - GUI
apt-transport-s3 (1.4.0-1~bpo10+1)
APT transport for privately held AWS S3 repositories
arch-install-scripts (23-3~bpo10+1)
scripts aimed at automating some menial tasks
awscli (1.19.1-1~bpo10+1)
Universal Command Line Environment for AWS
backupninja (1.2.1-1~bpo10+1)
lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
bacula (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - metapackage
bacula-bscan (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - bscan tool
bacula-client (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - client metapackage
bacula-common (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - common support files
bacula-common-mysql (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - MySQL common files
bacula-common-pgsql (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - PostgreSQL common files
bacula-common-sqlite3 (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - SQLite v3 common files
bacula-console (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - text console
bacula-director (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - Director daemon
bacula-director-mysql (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - MySQL storage for Director
bacula-director-pgsql (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - PostgreSQL storage for Director
bacula-director-sqlite3 (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - SQLite 3 storage for Director
bacula-fd (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - file daemon
bacula-sd (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - storage daemon
bacula-server (9.6.7-3~bpo10+1)
network backup service - server metapackage
bluetooth (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
Bluetooth support (metapackage)
bluez (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
Bluetooth tools and daemons
bluez-cups (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
Bluetooth printer driver for CUPS
bluez-hcidump (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
bluez-obexd (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
bluez obex daemon
bluez-source (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
Source code for the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth stack
bluez-test-scripts (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
test scripts of bluez
bluez-test-tools (5.54-1~bpo10+1)
test tools of bluez
borgbackup (1.1.15-3~bpo10+1)
deduplicating and compressing backup program
brltty (6.3+dfsg-1~bpo10+1)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
brltty-espeak (6.3+dfsg-1~bpo10+1)
Access software for a blind person - espeak driver
brltty-flite (6.3+dfsg-1~bpo10+1)
Access software for a blind person - Flite speech driver
brltty-speechd (6.3+dfsg-1~bpo10+1)
Access software for a blind person - Speech Dispatcher driver
brltty-x11 (6.3+dfsg-1~bpo10+1)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display - X11 drivers
btrfs-progs (5.10.1-1~bpo10+1)
Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities
bubblewrap (0.4.1-3~bpo10+1)
setuid wrapper for unprivileged chroot and namespace manipulation
ceph (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
distributed storage and file system
ceph-base (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
common ceph daemon libraries and management tools
ceph-common (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph storage cluster
ceph-fuse (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
FUSE-based client for the Ceph distributed file system
ceph-mds (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
metadata server for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mgr (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
manager for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mgr-dashboard (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
dashboard plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-cloud (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
diskprediction-cloud plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
diskprediction-local plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-k8sevents (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
kubernetes events plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-rook (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
rook plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-ssh (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
ssh orchestrator plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mon (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
monitor server for the ceph storage system
ceph-osd (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
OSD server for the ceph storage system
ceph-resource-agents (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph
cephfs-shell (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
interactive shell for the Ceph distributed file system
checkinstall (1.6.2+git20170426.d24a630-2~bpo10+1)
installation tracker
cloud-init (20.2-2~bpo10+1)
initialization system for infrastructure cloud instances
cockpit (239-1~bpo10+1)
Web Console for Linux servers
cockpit-bridge (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit bridge server-side component
cockpit-machines (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit user interface for virtual machines
cockpit-networkmanager (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit user interface for networking
cockpit-packagekit (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit user interface for packages
cockpit-pcp (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit PCP integration
cockpit-storaged (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit user interface for storage
cockpit-system (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit admin interface for a system
cockpit-tests (239-1~bpo10+1)
Tests for Cockpit
cockpit-ws (239-1~bpo10+1)
Cockpit Web Service
cryptsetup (2:2.3.5-1~bpo10+1)
disk encryption support - startup scripts
cryptsetup-bin (2:2.3.5-1~bpo10+1)
disk encryption support - command line tools
cryptsetup-initramfs (2:2.3.5-1~bpo10+1)
disk encryption support - initramfs integration
dcfldd (1.7-2~bpo10+1)
enhanced version of dd for forensics and security
debootstrap (1.0.119~bpo10+1)
Bootstrap a basic Debian system
dpdk (19.11.5-1~bpo10+1)
Data Plane Development Kit (runtime)
drbd-utils (9.15.0-1~bpo10+1)
RAID 1 over TCP/IP for Linux (user utilities)
e2fsck-static (1.46.2-1~bpo10+2)
statically-linked version of the ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem checker
e2fsprogs (1.46.2-1~bpo10+2)
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
etckeeper (1.18.14-1~bpo10+1)
store /etc in git, mercurial, brz or darcs
extrepo (0.8~bpo10~1)
External repository manager
f2fs-tools (1.14.0-2~bpo10+1)
Tools for Flash-Friendly File System
flatpak (1.10.5-0+deb11u1~bpo10+1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x], 1.10.3-0+deb11u1~bpo11+1 [mips, mipsel])
Application deployment framework for desktop apps
freeipmi (1.6.6-4~bpo10+1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog (1.6.6-4~bpo10+1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - BMC watchdog
freeipmi-common (1.6.6-4~bpo10+1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - common files
freeipmi-ipmidetect (1.6.6-4~bpo10+1)
GNU IPMI - IPMI node detection tool
freeipmi-ipmiseld (1.6.6-4~bpo10+1)
GNU IPMI - IPMI system event log daemon
freeipmi-tools (1.6.6-4~bpo10+1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - tools
fuse2fs (1.46.2-1~bpo10+2)
ext2 / ext3 / ext4 file system driver for FUSE
ganeti (3.0.1-1~bpo10+1)
cluster virtualization manager
ganeti-3.0 (3.0.1-1~bpo10+1)
cluster virtualization manager - Python components
ganeti-haskell-3.0 (3.0.1-1~bpo10+1)
cluster virtualization manager - Haskell components
ganeti-htools (3.0.1-1~bpo10+1)
cluster virtualization manager - tools (stand-alone)
virtual package provided by ganeti
ganeti-htools-3.0 (3.0.1-1~bpo10+1)
cluster virtualization manager - tools for Ganeti 3.0
glusterfs-client (9.2-1~bpo10+1 [amd64, arm64, i386, mips, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 8.0-2~bpo10+1 [armel, armhf])
clustered file-system (client package)
glusterfs-common (9.2-1~bpo10+1 [amd64, arm64, i386, mips, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 8.0-2~bpo10+1 [armel, armhf])
GlusterFS common libraries and translator modules
glusterfs-server (9.2-1~bpo10+1 [amd64, arm64, i386, mips, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 8.0-2~bpo10+1 [armel, armhf])
clustered file-system (server package)
hd-idle (1.05+ds-2~bpo10+1)
Spin down idle [USB] hard disks
hdparm (9.58+ds-4~bpo10+1)
tune hard disk parameters for high performance
hyperv-daemons (5.10.70-1~bpo10+1)
Support daemons for Linux running on Hyper-V
intel-microcode (3.20201118.1~bpo10+1) [non-free]
Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs
iotop-c (1.17-1~bpo10+1)
simple top-like I/O monitor (implemented in C)
ipmctl (
utility for configuring and managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules
ipset-persistent (1.0.14~bpo10+1)
boot-time loader for netfilter rules, ipset plugin
iptables-persistent (1.0.14~bpo10+1)
boot-time loader for netfilter rules, iptables plugin
keepalived (1:2.1.5-0.2~bpo10+1)
Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters
ldirectord (1:4.7.0-1~bpo10+1)
Monitors virtual services provided by LVS
libnss-myhostname (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
nss module providing fallback resolution for the current hostname
libnss-mymachines (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
nss module to resolve hostnames for local container instances
libnss-resolve (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
nss module to resolve names via systemd-resolved
libnss-systemd (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
nss module providing dynamic user and group name resolution
libpam-passwdqc (1.4.0-1~bpo10+1)
PAM module for password strength policy enforcement
libpam-systemd (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
system and service manager - PAM module
libpam-zfs (2.0.3-9~bpo10+1) [contrib]
PAM module for managing encryption keys for ZFS
linux-cpupower (5.10.70-1~bpo10+1)
CPU power management tools for Linux
logsave (1.46.2-1~bpo10+2)
save the output of a command in a log file
monit (1:5.27.1-1~bpo10+1)
utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs
moosefs-cgi (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS - CGI monitor
moosefs-cgiserv (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
simple CGI-capable HTTP server to run MooseFS CGI monitor
moosefs-chunkserver (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS - data server
moosefs-cli (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS CLI utility
moosefs-client (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS - client tools and mount utility
moosefs-common (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS - common files
moosefs-master (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS - master server
moosefs-metalogger (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS - metalogger server
moosefs-netdump (3.0.115-1~bpo10+1)
MooseFS network packet dump utility
netbase (6.1~bpo10+1)
Basic TCP/IP networking system
netfilter-persistent (1.0.14~bpo10+1)
boot-time loader for netfilter configuration
nvme-cli (1.12-5~bpo10+1)
userspace tooling to control NVMe drives
open-vm-tools (2:11.2.5-1~bpo10+1)
Open VMware Tools for virtual machines hosted on VMware (CLI)
open-vm-tools-desktop (2:11.2.5-1~bpo10+1)
Open VMware Tools for virtual machines hosted on VMware (GUI)
open-vm-tools-sdmp (2:11.2.5-1~bpo10+1)
Open VMware Tools for VMs hosted on VMware (Service Discovery Plugin)
ostree (2020.8-2~bpo10+1)
content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries
ostree-boot (2020.8-2~bpo10+1)
libostree boot loader and initramfs integration
ostree-tests (2020.8-2~bpo10+1)
content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries - tests
passwdqc (1.4.0-1~bpo10+1)
password strength checking and policy enforcement toolset
ps-watcher (1.08-10~bpo10+1)
monitoring a system via ps-like commands
radosgw (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
REST gateway for RADOS distributed object store
rbd-fuse (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
FUSE-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
rbd-mirror (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
Ceph daemon for mirroring RBD images
rbd-nbd (14.2.21-1~bpo10+1)
NBD-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
resource-agents (1:4.7.0-1~bpo10+1)
Cluster Resource Agents
rex (1.12.2-1~bpo10+1)
deployment and configuration management tool
rover (0.76.1~bpo10+1)
text-based light-weight frontend for update-alternatives
systemctl (1.4.4147-1~bpo10+1)
daemonless "systemctl" command to manage services without systemd
systemd (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
system and service manager
systemd-container (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
systemd container/nspawn tools
systemd-coredump (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
tools for storing and retrieving coredumps
systemd-journal-remote (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
tools for sending and receiving remote journal logs
systemd-sysv (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
system and service manager - SysV links
systemd-tests (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
tests for systemd
systemd-timesyncd (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
minimalistic service to synchronize local time with NTP servers
tcmu-runner (1.5.2-2~bpo10+1)
Daemon that handles the userspace side of the LIO TCM-User backstore
tmux (3.1c-1~bpo10+1)
terminal multiplexer
udev (247.3-6~bpo10+1)
/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
usbip (2.0+5.10.70-1~bpo10+1)
USB device sharing system over IP network
virt-manager (1:2.2.1-3~bpo10+1)
desktop application for managing virtual machines
virtinst (1:2.2.1-3~bpo10+1)
Programs to create and clone virtual machines
xbrlapi (6.3+dfsg-1~bpo10+1)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display - xbrlapi
xdg-desktop-portal (1.8.1-1~bpo10+1)
desktop integration portal for Flatpak and Snap
xdg-desktop-portal-dev (1.8.1-1~bpo10+1)
desktop integration portal - development files
xdg-desktop-portal-tests (1.8.1-1~bpo10+1)
desktop integration portal - automated tests
zfs-test (2.0.3-9~bpo10+1) [contrib]
OpenZFS test infrastructure and support scripts
zfs-zed (2.0.3-9~bpo10+1) [contrib]
OpenZFS Event Daemon
zfsutils-linux (2.0.3-9~bpo10+1) [contrib]
command-line tools to manage OpenZFS filesystems