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List of sections in "jessie-updates"

debian-installer udeb packages
Special packages for building customized debian-installer variants. Do not install them on a normal system!
Debug packages
Packages providing debugging information for executables and shared libraries.
Development utilities, compilers, development environments, libraries, etc.
FAQs, HOWTOs and other documents trying to explain everything related to Debian, and software needed to browse documentation (man, info, etc).
Everything about Java.
Operating System Kernels and related modules.
Library development
Libraries necessary for developers to write programs that use them.
Libraries to make other programs work. They provide special features to developers.
Language packs
Localization support for big software packages.
Meta packages
Packages that mainly provide dependencies on other packages.
Miscellaneous utilities that didn't fit well anywhere else.
Daemons and clients to connect your system to the world.
Everything about Perl, an interpreted scripting language.
Everything about Python, an interpreted, interactive object oriented language.
Utilities for file/disk manipulation, backup and archive tools, system monitoring, input systems, etc.
Virtual packages
Virtual packages.
Web Software
Web servers, browsers, proxies, download tools etc.
X Window System software
X servers, libraries, window managers, terminal emulators and many related applications.

All packages
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