"jessie" のサブセクション math に含まれるソフトウェアパッケージ

acl2 (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: main binary
acl2-books (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: compiled libraries
acl2-books-certs (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: library certificates
acl2-books-source (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: library sources
acl2-emacs (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: emacs interface
acl2-infix (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: infix interface
acl2-infix-source (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: infix source
acl2-source (6.5-2)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: source files
admesh (0.98.1-1)
Tool for processing triangulated solid meshes. Binary
alt-ergo (0.95.2-3)
Automatic theorem prover dedicated to program verification
ann-tools (1.1.2+doc-5)
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching library (tools)
apcalc (
任意精度の計算プログラム (元の名前: calc)
apcalc-common (
Arbitrary precision calculator (common files)
apophenia-bin (0.999b+ds3-2)
Apophenia Statistical C Library -- binary package
aribas (1.64-5)
auto-07p (0.9.1+dfsg-1)
software for continuation and bifurcation problems in ODE
autoclass (3.3.6.dfsg.1-1)
automatic classification or clustering
axiom (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: メインバイナリおよびモジュール
axiom-databases (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: 生成されたテキストデータベース
axiom-graphics (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: グラフィックサブシステム
axiom-graphics-data (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: グラフィックサブシステム
axiom-hypertex (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: hypertex サブシステム
axiom-hypertex-data (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: hypertex サブシステム
axiom-source (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: ソースファイル
axiom-test (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: 回帰テスト用入力
axiom-tex (20140801-6)
汎用計算機代数システム: TeX 用スタイルファイル
bc (1.06.95-9)
GNU bc: 任意精度の計算言語
bindechexascii (0.0+20140524.git7dcd86-1)
simple ASCII,binary,decimal and hex converter
blacs-mpi-test (1.1-33)
Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Test files for MPI
blacs-test-common (1.1-33)
Test data for BLACS testers
bliss (0.72-5)
bugsx (1.08-12) [non-free]
program to evolve biomorphs using genetic algorithms
cadabra (1.39-0.2)
calligrasheets (1:2.8.5+dfsg-1+b2 [amd64], 1:2.8.5+dfsg-1+b1 [armel, armhf, i386])
spreadsheet for the Calligra Suite
cantor (4:4.14.2-2)
interface for mathematical applications
cantor-backend-kalgebra (4:4.14.2-2)
KAlgebra backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-lua (4:4.14.2-2)
Lua backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-maxima (4:4.14.2-2)
Maxima backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-octave (4:4.14.2-2)
Octave backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-python2 (4:4.14.2-2)
Python backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-qalculate (4:4.14.2-2)
Qalculate! backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-r (4:4.14.2-2)
R backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-sage (4:4.14.2-2)
Sage backend for Cantor
cantor-backend-scilab (4:4.14.2-2)
Scilab backend for Cantor
carmetal (3.5.2+dfsg-1.1)
dynamic geometry software with highly ergonomic UI
cimg-dev (1.5.9+dfsg-1)
powerful image processing library
cliquer (1.21-1)
concalc (0.9.2-2)
coq (8.4pl4dfsg-1)
高階論理証明アシスタント (トップレベルおよびコンパイラ)
coq-theories (8.4pl4dfsg-1)
高階論理用の証明アシスタント (理論)
coqide (8.4pl4dfsg-1)
高階論理用証明アシスタント (gtk インターフェイス)
cuba-partview (3.0+20111124-2)
partition viewer for the Cuba library
cvc3 (2.4.1-5)
Automatic theorem prover for SMT problems
cvc3-el (2.4.1-5)
Emacs mode for CVC3
dc (1.06.95-9)
GNU dc - 任意精度の逆ポーランド式計算器
dicelab (0.7-2)
evaluate the statistical distribution of dice rolls
dolfin-bin (1.4.0+dfsg-4)
Executable scripts for DOLFIN
dynare (4.4.3-1+b2)
platform for handling a wide class of economic models
dynare-matlab (4.4.3-1) [contrib]
MATLAB support for Dynare
eclib-tools (2014-09-21-1)
Programs for modular symbols and elliptic curves over Q
eukleides (1.5.4-3)
euler (1.61.0-10)
evolver (2.30c.dfsg-3)
Surface Evolver
fenics (1:
Automated Solution of Differential Equations
fflas-ffpack (1.6.0-1)
Finite field linear algebra subroutines/package
fflas-ffpack-common (1.6.0-1)
Finite field linear algebra subroutines/package - common files
formed (3.3f-1.1)
formula editor for first-order logic formulae
fplll-tools (4.0.4-2)
Tools to compute LLL-reduction of Euclidian lattices
freefem (3.5.8-5.1)
freefem++ (3.31-2-1)
Provides the binaries of the FreeFem++ FE suite
freefem-examples (3.5.8-5.1)
FreeFEM 用サンプルファイル
freefem3d (1.0pre10-3.2)
Language and solver for partial differential equations in 3D
freemat (4.0-5+b1)
数式フレームワーク (ほぼ matlab 互換)
freemat-data (4.0-5)
freemat のデータファイル
freemat-help (4.0-5)
freemat のヘルプファイル
galculator (2.1.3-1)
gap (4r7p5-2)
gap-alnuth (3.0.0-1)
GAP Alnuth - 代数的数論パッケージおよび PARI/GP へのインターフェース
gap-autpgrp (1.5-1)
GAP AutPGrp - Computing the Automorphism Group of a p-Group
gap-character-tables (1r2p2.dfsg.0-2)
GAP 用の文字テーブルライブラリ
gap-core (4r7p5-2)
GAP コンピュータ代数システム - コアコンポーネント
gap-float (0.6.3+ds-1)
multi-precision floating-point computation for GAP
gap-gapdoc (1.5.1-1)
GAPDoc meta package for GAP documentation
gap-guava (3.12+ds1-2)
coding theory library for GAP
gap-guava-bin (3.12+ds1-2)
coding theory library for GAP (arch-dep files)
gap-io (4.4.2+ds-1)
low level C library IO bindings for GAP
gap-libs (4r7p5-2)
GAP コンピュータ代数システム - 必須の GAP ライブラリ
gap-online-help (4r7p5-2)
GAP コンピュータ代数システム - オンラインヘルプ
gap-openmath (11.2.0+ds-1)
OpenMath phrasebook for GAP
gap-polycyclic (2.11-1)
GAP Polyciclic - ポリサイクリック群についての計算
gap-prim-groups (4r7p3-1)
GAP 用基本グループのデータベース
gap-scscp (2.1.4+ds-1)
SCSCP protocol in GAP
gap-small-groups (4r7p3-1)
GAP 用の小さなグループのデータベース
gap-small-groups-extra (4r7p3-1)
GAP 向け小群の大規模データベース
gap-table-of-marks (1r2p2-1)
marks ライブラリ用 GAP テーブル
gap-trans-groups (4r7p3-1)
GAP 用の推移グループデータベース
gbase (0.5-2.2)
geomview (1.9.4-4.1)
geophar (14.07~dfsg1-3)
Swiss army knife for the math teacher
gfan (0.5+dfsg-5)
program for computing with Groebner fans
gfm (1.07-1)
Texas Instruments hand-helds file manipulation program for X
ggobi (2.1.11-1)
ginac-tools (1.6.2-1)
GiNaC 記号的フレームワーク補助ツール
glpk-utils (4.55-1)
linear programming kit - utility files
gmp-ecm (6.4.4-2)
gmsh (2.8.5+dfsg-1.1+b1)
Three-dimensional finite element mesh generator
gnome-calculator (3.14.1-1)
GNOME デスクトップ計算器
gnumeric (1.12.18-2)
GNOME 用スプレッドシートアプリケーション - メインプログラム
gnumeric-common (1.12.18-2)
GNOME 用スプレッドシートアプリケーション - 共通ファイル
gnumeric-plugins-extra (1.12.18-2)
spreadsheet application for GNOME - additional plugins
gnuplot (4.6.6-2+deb8u1) [security]
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: gnuplot5
gnuplot-mode (1:0.7.0-1)
Gnuplot mode for Emacs
gnuplot-nox (4.6.6-2+deb8u1) [security]
Command-line driven interactive plotting program. No-X package
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: gnuplot-x11, gnuplot-qt
gnuplot-qt (4.6.6-2+deb8u1) [security]
コマンドライン駆動の対話的作図プログラム - QT パッケージ
gnuplot-x11 (4.6.6-2+deb8u1) [security]
コマンドライン駆動の対話的作図プログラム - X パッケージ
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: gnuplot-qt
gnuplot5 (5.0.0~rc+dfsg2-1+deb8u1) [security]
コマンドライン駆動の対話的な作図プログラム - バージョン 5
gnuplot5-nox (5.0.0~rc+dfsg2-1+deb8u1) [security]
Command-line driven interactive plotting program. No-X package
以下のパッケージによって提供される仮想パッケージです: gnuplot5-qt, gnuplot5-x11
gnuplot5-qt (5.0.0~rc+dfsg2-1+deb8u1) [security]
Command-line driven interactive plotting program. QT-package
gnuplot5-x11 (5.0.0~rc+dfsg2-1+deb8u1) [security]
Command-line driven interactive plotting program. X-package
grace (1:5.1.24-3)
XY graphing and plotting tool
graphmonkey (1.7-3)
GTK# ベースのグラフ計算機
gretl (1.9.92-1)
GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library
gretl-common (1.9.92-1)
GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library -- scripts package
gretl-data (1.9.92-1)
GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library -- data package
grpn (1.1.2-3.2)
GTK+ reverse polish notation calculator
gsl-bin (1.16+dfsg-2)
GNU 科学ライブラリ (GSL) -- バイナリパッケージ
hol-light (20131026-1+b1)
HOL Light theorem prover
hol88 (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, system image
hol88-contrib-help (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, user contributed online help files
hol88-contrib-source (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, user contributed source
hol88-help (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, online help files
hol88-library (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, binary library modules
hol88-library-help (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, library online help files
hol88-library-source (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, library source files
hol88-source (2.02.19940316-28)
Higher Order Logic, source files
hyantesite (1.3.0-1)
geomatic tool to compute neighbourhood population potential
jacal (1b9-5)
Interactive symbolic math system
jags (3.4.0-1)
Just Another Gibbs Sampler for Bayesian MCMC simulation
jfractionlab (0.91-3)
Educative program to practice fractions
jgraph (83-22)
Jim Plank 作の PostScript グラフ作成プログラム
kalgebra (4:4.14.2-1)
kalgebra-common (4:4.14.2-1)
contains files common for kalgebra and kalgebramobile
kalgebramobile (4:4.14.2-1)
algebraic graphing calculator for small touch based interfaces
kali (3.1-15)
kbruch (4:4.14.1-1)
KDE 用の分数学習補助ツール
kcalc (4:4.14.0-1)
kig (4:4.14.2-1)
interactive geometry tool for KDE
kmplot (4:4.14.2-1)
KDE 用数学関数プロッタ
ladr4-apps (0.0.200911a-2.1)
LADR 推論ライブラリ 雑多なアプリケーション群
lcalc (1.23+dfsg-3)
libaac-tactics-coq (0.4-3)
Coq tactics for reasoning modulo AC (theories)
libadmesh1 (0.98.1-1)
Tool for processing triangulated solid meshes. Shared library
libcdd-test (094g-5)
Test programs for libcdd
libflint-2.4.4 (2.4.4-2)
C library for number theory, shared library
libfloat-coq (1:8.4-4)
Coq library on floating-point arithmetic
libgf2x1 (1.1-2)
Routines for fast arithmetic in GF(2)[x]
libglpk36 (4.55-1)
linear programming kit with integer (MIP) support
libgts-bin (0.7.6+darcs121130-1.2)
libgts のユーティリティバイナリ
liblfunction0 (1.23+dfsg-3)
library for calculating with L-functions
libmathcomp-coq (1.5-3)
Mathematical Components library for Coq (theories)
libplplot-ada1 (5.10.0+dfsg-1)
Ada support for PLplot, a plotting library
libpynac0 (0.3.2+dfsg-1)
Engine for symbolic geometric calculus for Python
libquadrule1 (0~20121001-2)
Quadrature rules and numerical integration routines
libreoffice-nlpsolver (0.9~beta1-10+deb8u1)
"Solver for Nonlinear Programming" extension for LibreOffice
libsbml5-octave (5.10.0+dfsg-1)
System Biology Markup Language library - Octave binding
libssreflect-coq (1.5-2)
small scale reflection library for Coq (theories)
lie (2.2.2+dfsg-2)
Computer algebra package for Lie group computations
lp-solve (
(混合整数) 線形計画法を解決
lrcalc (1.2-1)
programs for calculating Littlewood-Richardson coefficients
lrslib (0.43-1)
lybniz (1.3.2-2.1)
mace2 (3.3f-1.1)
mandelbulber (1:1.21.1-1.1+b1)
3D fractal renderer and animator
maria (1.3.5-4)
reachability analyzer for Algebraic System Nets
mathomatic (15.8.2-2)
portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
mathomatic-primes (15.8.2-2)
prime number tools for mathomatic
mathpiper (0.81f+svn4469+dfsg3-3)
Java Computer Algebra System
matita (0.99.1-3)
matlab2tikz (0.4.7-1)
converter of Octave plots to TikZ figures (for integration into LaTeX)
maxima (5.34.1-2)
計算機代数システム -- ベースシステム
maxima-emacs (5.34.1-2)
計算機代数システム -- emacs インターフェイス
maxima-share (5.34.1-2)
計算機代数システム -- 追加コード
maxima-src (5.34.1-2)
計算機代数システム -- ソースコード
maxima-test (5.34.1-2)
計算機代数システム -- テストスイート
mcl (1:14-137-1)
Markov Cluster algorithm
mcrl2 (201409.0-1)
formal specification language toolset
metis (5.1.0.dfsg-4)
Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering. Binaries
metis-edf (4.1-2-3) [non-free]
Family of Multilevel Partitioning Algorithms
ministat (20100628-1)
a simple tool for statistical comparison of data sets
minlog (
Proof assistant based on first order natural deduction calculus
model-builder (0.4.1-6.2)
graphical ODE simulator
mumps-test (4.10.0.dfsg-3+b2)
MUMPS を使用した Example/test バイナリ
nauty (2.5r9+ds-1) [non-free]
library for graph automorphisms -- interface and tools
num-utils (0.5-11)
octave (3.8.2-4)
数値計算向けの GNU Octave 言語
octave-audio (1.1.4-5)
functions to work with audio files in Octave
octave-bim (1.1.5-1)
PDE solver using a finite element/volume approach in Octave
octave-common (3.8.2-4)
architecture-independent files for octave
octave-communications (1.2.0-2+b1)
communications package for Octave
octave-communications-common (1.2.0-2)
communications package for Octave (arch-indep files)
octave-control (2.6.6-1)
control functions for Octave from Octave-Forge
octave-data-smoothing (1.3.0-3)
functions to do data smoothing on noisy data
octave-dataframe (1.0.1-1)
manipulate data in Octave similar to R data.frame
octave-econometrics (1:1.1.1-2+b2 [i386], 1:1.1.1-2+b1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
econometrics functions for Octave
octave-epstk (2.4-2)
GNU Octave encapsulated postscript 作成用ツールキット
octave-financial (0.4.0-2)
financial manipulation and plotting functions
octave-fpl (1.3.4-2)
plot data on unstructured triangular and tetrahedral meshes in Octave
octave-ga (0.10.0-2)
genetic optimization code for Octave
octave-general (1.3.4-2)
provide extra general functions for Octave
octave-geometry (1.7.0-2)
geometric computing functions for Octave
octave-gmt (4.5.12-1)
Support of GMT grid files for Octave
octave-gsl (1.0.8-6)
GSL binding for Octave
octave-image (2.2.2-1)
image manipulation for Octave
octave-io (2.2.4-1)
input/output data functions for Octave
octave-linear-algebra (2.2.0-3)
additional linear-algebra functions for Octave
octave-ltfat (2.0.1-1)
Large Time/Frequency Analysis Toolbox
octave-ltfat-common (2.0.1-1)
Large Time/Frequency Analysis Toolbox (arch-indep files)
octave-miscellaneous (1.2.1-2)
miscellaneous tools for Octave
octave-missing-functions (1.0.2-5)
finds functions that are in Matlab but not in Octave
octave-mpi (1.2.0-1+b1 [i386], 1.2.0-1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
Octave toolbox for parallel computing using MPI
octave-msh (1.0.10-1+b1 [i386], 1.0.10-1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
create and manage meshes for FE or FV solvers in Octave
octave-nan (2.5.9-2+b1 [i386], 2.5.9-2 [amd64, armel, armhf])
handles data with and without missing values in Octave
octave-nlopt (2.4.2+dfsg-1)
nonlinear optimization library -- GNU Octave package
octave-nurbs (1.3.8-1)
non-uniform rational B-splines for Octave
octave-ocs (0.1.3-2)
circuit simulator for Octave
octave-octcdf (1.1.7-2)
NetCDF data files interface for Octave
octave-odepkg (0.8.4-2)
solve differential equations and initial value problems in Octave
octave-openmpi-ext (1.2.0-1)
Transitional package for parallel computing in Octave using MPI
octave-optim (1.4.0-1+b1 [i386], 1.4.0-1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
unconstrained non-linear optimization toolkit for Octave
octave-optiminterp (0.3.4-1+b2 [i386], 0.3.4-1+b1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
optimal interpolation package for Octave
octave-parallel (2.2.0-1+b2 [i386], 2.2.0-1+b1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
parallel execution of Octave in clusters of computers
octave-pfstools (1.8.5-2+b1)
pfstools への octave バインディング
octave-plplot (5.10.0+dfsg-1)
Octave support for PLplot, a plotting library
octave-quaternion (2.2.2-1+b1 [i386], 2.2.2-1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
quaternion package for Octave
octave-secs1d (0.0.9-2)
semi conductor simulator in 1D for Octave
octave-secs2d (0.0.8-5)
semi conductor simulator in 2D for Octave
octave-signal (1.3.0-1+b1 [i386], 1.3.0-1 [amd64, armel, armhf])
signal processing functions for Octave
octave-sockets (1.0.8-2)
communication through Internet sockets in Octave
octave-specfun (1.1.0-2)
special mathematical functions for Octave
octave-splines (1.2.7-2)
cubic spline functions for Octave
octave-statistics (1.2.3-1)
additional statistical functions for Octave
octave-strings (1.1.0-2)
additional string manipulation functions for Octave
octave-struct (1.0.10-2)
additional structure manipulation functions for Octave
octave-symbolic (1.1.0-3)
symbolic package for Octave
octave-tsa (4.2.7-2)
time series analysis in Octave
octave-vrml (1.0.13-2)
VRML functions for Octave
octave-zenity (0.5.7-6)
simple graphical user interfaces using zenity in Octave
open-axiom (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform
open-axiom-databases (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: generated text databases
open-axiom-graphics (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: graphics subsystem
open-axiom-graphics-data (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: graphics subsystem data
open-axiom-hypertex (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: hypertex subsystem
open-axiom-hypertex-data (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: hypertex subsystem data
open-axiom-source (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: source files
open-axiom-test (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: regression test inputs
open-axiom-tex (1.5.0~svn3056+ds-1)
open scientific computation platform: style file for TeX
orpie (1.5.1-10)
端末用 RPN 計算機
otter (3.3f-1.1)
resolution-style theorem prover
palp (2.1-2)
Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes
pari-elldata (0.20140908-1)
PARI/GP Computer Algebra System elliptic curves (elldata)
pari-galdata (0.20080411-2)
PARI/GP Computer Algebra System Galois resolvents (galdata)
pari-galpol (2.0-1)
PARI/GP Computer Algebra System Galois polynomial database
pari-gp (2.7.2-1)
PARI/GP 計算機代数システムのバイナリファイル
pari-gp2c (0.0.9pl2-1)
PARI/GP GP から C 言語へのコンパイラ
pari-seadata (0.20090618-1)
PARI/GP Computer Algebra System modular polynomials (seadata)
parmetis-test (3.1.1-4+b2 [armel], 3.1.1-4+b1 [amd64, armhf, i386]) [non-free]
Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Tests
pdl (1:2.007-4)
perl data language: Perl extensions for numerics
pgapack (1.1.1-3)
General-purpose genetic algorithm package
pgplot5 (5.2.2-19+deb8u1) [non-free]
large subroutine library for plotting scientific data
pi (1.3.4-1)
picviz (0.5-1+b1 [amd64, armel, i386], 0.5-1 [armhf])
Parallel coordinates plotter
plotdrop (0.5.2-3)
GNUPlot 向けの最小限の機能を有する GNOME フロントエンド
plotutils (2.6-3)
libplot ベースの GNU plotutils コマンドラインツール群
plplot-tcl (5.10.0+dfsg-1)
Tcl/Tk support for PLplot, a plotting library
plplot-tcl-bin (5.10.0+dfsg-1)
Tcl/Tk tools for PLplot, a plotting library
plplot-tcl-dev (5.10.0+dfsg-1)
Tcl/Tk development support for PLplot, a plotting library
polylib-utils (5.22.5-3+dfsg)
libpolylib を使用したさまざまなツール
prover9 (0.0.200911a-2.1)
theorem prover and countermodel generator
prover9-mace4 (0.5.dfsg-2.2)
GUI for Prover9 and Mace4
psignifit (2.5.6-3)
pspp (0.8.4-1)
Statistical analysis tool
ptscotch (5.1.12b.dfsg-2+b1)
MPI programs and libraries for graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning
pyecm (2.0.2-2)
integer factorization with the Elliptic Curve Method (ECM)
pyxplot (0.9.2-5)
data plotting program producing publication-quality output
qalc (0.9.7-9)
qalculate-gtk (0.9.7-6)
Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - GTK+ version
qhull-bin (2012.1-5)
凸開包および関連構造を計算 (ユーティリティ)
qtiplot (
qtoctave (0.10.1-4)
Qt front-end to Octave
quickplot (0.10.6-1)
高速で対話式の 2D プロッタ兼データビューア
r-bioc-hilbertvis (1.24.0-1)
GNU R package to visualise long vector data
regina-normal (4.96-2)
software for 3-manifold topology and normal surfaces
regina-normal-mpi (4.96-2)
MPI utilities for Regina, the 3-manifold topology software
relational (1.2-2)
relational-cli (1.2-2)
rheolef (6.5-1+b1)
efficient Finite Element environment
rkward (0.6.2~rc1-2)
R 統計言語用 KDE フロントエンド
rlplot (1.5-2)
GUI application for generating publication quality graphs
rocs (4:4.14.2-1)
graph theory IDE
sagemath-database-conway-polynomials (0.4.p0+dfsg-1)
Database of Conway polynomials
sagemath-database-elliptic-curves (0.7+dfsg-1)
Databases for elliptic curves
sagemath-database-graphs (20120404.p4+dfsg-1)
Databases of graphs
sagemath-database-mutually-combinatorial-designs (20140630-1)
Databases of combinatorial designs
sagemath-database-polytopes (20120220+dfsg-1)
Databases of polytopes
sc (7.16-4)
vi 似なキーバインド付の、テキストベースのスプレッドシート
scalapack-mpi-test (1.8.0-12)
Scalable Linear Algebra Package - Test files for MPICH
scalapack-pvm-test (1.8.0-12)
Scalable Linear Algebra Package - Test files for PVM
scilab (5.5.1-7)
scilab-ann (
人工ニューラルネットワーク用 Scilab モジュール
scilab-celestlab (3.0.0-1-2)
Library of space flight dynamics functions based on Scilab.
scilab-cli (5.5.1-7)
科学ソフトウェアパッケージ - コマンドラインインタープリタ
scilab-data (5.5.1-7)
数値計算用の科学ソフトウェアパッケージ (データファイル)
scilab-full-bin (5.5.1-7)
scilab-include (5.5.1-7)
数値計算用の科学ソフトウェアパッケージ (インクルードファイル)
scilab-minimal-bin (5.5.1-7)
数値計算用の科学ソフトウェアパッケージ (最小限のバイナリファイル)
scilab-plotlib (0.42-1)
Scilab 用の "Matlab ライク" なプロットライブラリ
scilab-test (5.5.1-7)
数値計算用の科学ソフトウェアパッケージ (テストファイル)
scotch (5.1.12b.dfsg-2+b1)
sdpa (7.3.9+dfsg-1+b1)
High-performance package for SemiDefinite Programs
sdpam (7.3.9+dfsg-1+b1)
Matlab/Octave interface of SDPA
sgb (1:20090810-1) [non-free]
The Stanford GraphBase: combinatorial data and algorithms
snappea (3.0d3-23)
program for creating and studying hyperbolic 3-manifolds
socnetv (1.4+dfsg-2)
speedcrunch (0.10.1-4)
spline (1.2-1)
Akima スプライン補間
stda (1.3.1-2)
simple tools for data analysis (stda)
sympow (1.019-4)
Special values of symmetric power elliptic curve L-functions
tachyon (0.99~b2+dfsg-0.4)
Parallel/Multiprocessor Ray Tracing Software
tapecalc (20070214-2)
tetgen (1.5.0-3)
Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator
tiemu (3.03-nogdb+dfsg-3)
Texas Instruments 製計算機のエミュレータ (GDB なし)
tiemu-skinedit (1.27-2)
TiEmu 用スキンエディタ
tilem (2.0-2)
GTK+ TI Z80 calculator emulator
tilem-data (2.0-2)
GTK+ TI Z80 calculator emulator (data files)
tilp2 (1.17-1)
テキサスインスツルメンツハンドヘルド <-> PC の X 用通信プログラム
wcalc (2.4.1-1)
why (2.34-2)
Software verification tool
wxmaxima (13.04.2-4+deb8u1)
計算機代数システム Maxima 用 GUI
wzip (1.1.3)
xmaxima (5.34.1-2)
計算機代数システム -- X インターフェイス
yacas (1.3.3-2)
Computer Algebra System