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Package xmms2

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Package gkrellxmms2

Package gxmms2

Package lxmms2

Package remuco-xmms2

Package wmxmms2

Package xmms2-client-avahi

Package xmms2-client-cli

Package xmms2-client-medialib-updater

Package xmms2-client-nycli

Package xmms2-client-vis

Package xmms2-core

Package xmms2-dev

Package xmms2-et

Package xmms2-icon

Package xmms2-plugin-airplay

Package xmms2-plugin-all

Package xmms2-plugin-alsa

Package xmms2-plugin-ao

Package xmms2-plugin-apefile

Package xmms2-plugin-asf

Package xmms2-plugin-asx

Package xmms2-plugin-avcodec

Package xmms2-plugin-cdda

Package xmms2-plugin-cue

Package xmms2-plugin-curl

Package xmms2-plugin-daap

Package xmms2-plugin-faad

Package xmms2-plugin-flac

Package xmms2-plugin-flv

Package xmms2-plugin-gme

Package xmms2-plugin-gvfs

Package xmms2-plugin-html

Package xmms2-plugin-ices

Package xmms2-plugin-icymetaint

Package xmms2-plugin-id3v2

Package xmms2-plugin-jack

Package xmms2-plugin-karaoke

Package xmms2-plugin-m3u

Package xmms2-plugin-mad

Package xmms2-plugin-mms

Package xmms2-plugin-modplug

Package xmms2-plugin-mp4

Package xmms2-plugin-mpg123

Package xmms2-plugin-musepack

Package xmms2-plugin-normalize

Package xmms2-plugin-ofa

Package xmms2-plugin-oss

Package xmms2-plugin-pls

Package xmms2-plugin-pulse

Package xmms2-plugin-rss

Package xmms2-plugin-sid

Package xmms2-plugin-smb

Package xmms2-plugin-sndfile

Package xmms2-plugin-speex

Package xmms2-plugin-tta

Package xmms2-plugin-vocoder

Package xmms2-plugin-vorbis

Package xmms2-plugin-wavpack

Package xmms2-plugin-wma

Package xmms2-plugin-xml

Package xmms2-plugin-xspf

Package xmms2-scrobbler

Package xmms2tray