Software Packages in "squeeze", Subsection python

bpython (
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - Curses frontend
bpython-gtk (
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - GTK+ frontend
bpython-urwid (
fancy interface to the Python interpreter - urwid frontend
calendarserver (2.4.dfsg-6)
Apple's Calendar Server
clearsilver-dev (0.10.5-1+squeeze1)
headers and static library for clearsilver
cython (0.12.1-1.1)
C-Extensions for Python
desktopcouch (0.6.6-2)
Desktop CouchDB Framework instance
desktopcouch-tools (0.6.6-2)
Desktop CouchDB Framework (tools)
dreampie (1.1-1)
advanced graphical interactive Python shell
episoder (0.6.5-1)
TV show episode reminder
epylog (1.0.3-7)
New logs analyzer and parser
fnorb (1.3-3.3)
a pure Python ORB
gamera-gui (3.2.6-3)
GUI for the Gamera framework
gastables (0.3-2)
graphical user interface for compressible flow gas table modules
googlecl (0.9.9-1)
command-line tool for access to (some) Google services
gunicorn (0.10.0-1)
Event-based HTTP/WSGI server
gyp (0.1~svn824-2)
Generate Your Projects
idle (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version)
idle-python2.5 (2.5.5-11)
An IDE for Python (v2.5) using Tkinter
idle-python2.6 (2.6.6-8)
An IDE for Python (v2.6) using Tkinter
idle-python3.1 (3.1.3-1)
An IDE for Python (v3.1) using Tkinter
idle3 (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version)
ipython (0.10-2)
enhanced interactive Python shell
ironpython (2.6~beta2-3)
Python implementation targeting the .NET and Mono platforms
jcc (2.6-1)
code generator producing a Python extension from Java classes
jython (2.5.1-2)
Python seamlessly integrated with Java
kiki (0.5.6-4)
tool for python regular expression testing
kodos (2.4.9-6.3)
A visual regular expression editor
krosspython (4:4.4.5-3)
Python module for Kross
lampython (2.8-1.2+b2)
MPI-enhanced Python interpreter (LAM based version)
libboost-mpi-python1.42.0 (1.42.0-4)
C++ interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI), Python Bindings
libboost-python1.42.0 (1.42.0-4)
Boost.Python Library
libgv-python (2.26.3-5+squeeze2)
Python bindings for graphviz
libhdate-python (1.4.12-2+b1)
A library that help use hebrew dates
libhocr-python (0.8.2-6.1+b2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.8.2-6.1+b1 [mips])
Hebrew OCR library Python bindings
libpam-python (1.0.0-2)
Enables PAM modules to be written in Python
libsnmp-python (5.4.3~dfsg-2+squeeze1)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Python support
lptools (0.0.1~bzr9-1.1)
Tools for working with Launchpad
maptransfer (0.3-1)
upload/download maps to/from a VALVe game server (Client)
maptransfer-server (0.3-1)
upload/download maps to/from a VALVe game server (Server)
mpichpython (2.8-1.2+b2)
MPI-enhanced Python interpreter (MPICH based version)
mumble-django (2.3-1)
A Mumble-Server web interface
netio230a-gui (1.0.1-3)
GUI to access the Koukaam NETIO-230A
nfqueue-bindings-python (0.3-2)
Python bindings for nfqueue
omniidl-python (3.3-1)
omniidl backend to compile Python stubs from IDL files
pdfposter (0.4.4-2)
scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages
pep8 (0.5.0-1)
Python PEP 8 code style checker
phenny (2~hg28-2)
extensible IRC bot written in Python
pius (2.0.7-1)
Quick and easy signing of each UID on a PGP keyring
planet-venus (0~bzr116-1)
aggregate feed generator
pootle (2.0.5-0.3)
Web-based translation and translation management tool
pyflakes (0.4.0-1)
passive checker of Python programs
pyjamas (0.7~+pre2-3)
Python web widget toolkit and Python-to-Javascript compiler
pyjamas-canvas (0.7~+pre2-3)
Pyjamas Python port of GWTCanvas SVG Library
pyjamas-desktop (0.7~+pre2-3)
Python web widget toolkit (Desktop version)
pyjamas-gchart (0.7~+pre2-3)
Pyjamas Python port of GWT GChart Charting and Graph Widget Library
pyjamas-gmap (0.7~+pre2-3)
Pyjamas Google Maps (v3) Wrapper Library
pyjamas-pyjs (0.7~+pre2-3)
Pyjamas Python-to-Javascript compiler
pyjamas-ui (0.7~+pre2-3)
Python Pyjamas Web Widget Set library
pylint (0.21.1-1)
python code static checker and UML diagram generator
pymacs (0.23-1.1)
interface between Emacs Lisp and Python
pymetrics (0.8.1-4)
Python code metric reporting tool
pype (2.9.1-1)
Python programmers editor
pyqonsole (0.2.0-2.3+b1)
X Window terminal emulation written in Python
pyqt-tools (3.18.1-4)
pyuic and pylupdate for Qt3
pyqt4-dev-tools (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
Development tools for PyQt4
pyrex-mode (
emacs-lisp pyrex-mode for pyrex
pyro (1:3.9.1-2)
distributed object system for Python
pyro-examples (1:3.9.1-2)
examples for Pyro
pyro-gui (1:3.9.1-2)
graphicals tool for Pyro
python (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version)
python-4suite-xml (1.0.2-7.2+b1 [i386], 1.0.2-7.2 [amd64, armel, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
An open-source platform for XML and RDF processing
python-aafigure (0.5-1)
ASCII art to image converter
python-aalib (0.1.1-1)
Python interface to AAlib, an ASCII art library
python-abiword (0.8.0-5+b3)
Python AbiWidget and TableWidget wrappers
python-adns (1.2.1-4)
Python bindings to the asynchronous DNS resolver library
python-adodb (2.10-1)
A database abstraction library for python
python-aeidon (0.17-1)
reading, writing and manipulating text-based subtitle files
python-all (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
package depending on all supported Python runtime versions
python-all-dev (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
package depending on all supported Python development packages
python-alsaaudio (0.5+svn36-1+b1)
Alsa bindings for Python
python-amara (1.2a2-1.1)
Amara is a pythonic XML toolkit
python-amqplib (0.6.1-1)
simple non-threaded Python AMQP client library
python-antlr (2.7.7-16)
language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc
python-anyjson (0.2.3-1)
Wraps the best available JSON implementation available in a common interface
python-apipkg (1.0~b6-5)
namespace control and lazy-import mechanism for Python
python-application (1.2.4-1)
Basic building blocks for Python applications
python-apptools (3.3.2-1)
ETS Application Tools
python-apsw (
another Python SQLite 3 wrapper
python-apt (
Python interface to libapt-pkg
python-apt-common (
Python interface to libapt-pkg (locales)
python-apt-dev (
Python interface to libapt-pkg (development files)
python-aptdaemon (0.31+bzr413-1.1)
Python module for the server and client of aptdaemon
python-aptdaemon-gtk (0.31+bzr413-1.1)
Python GTK+ widgets to run an aptdaemon client
python-argparse (1.1-1)
optparse-inspired command-line parsing library
python-argvalidate (0.9.0-1)
simple argument validator library
python-aspects (1.3-3)
lightweight aspect oriented programming library for Python
python-asterisk (0.1a3+r160-4.1)
Asterisk Manager API interface module for Python
python-at-spi (0.6.1-1.3+b1)
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface - Python bindings
python-aubio (0.3.2-4+b2)
python interface for aubio, a library for audio segmentation
python-audit (1.7.13-1+b2)
Python bindings for security auditing
python-augeas (0.3.0-1)
Python bindings for Augeas
python-authkit (0.4.3-1)
authentication and authorisation framework for Python WSGI applications
python-avahi (0.6.27-2+squeeze1)
Python utility package for Avahi
python-avc (0.7.1-1)
live connection among widgets and application variables
python-avogadro (1.0.1-3+b1)
Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (Python module)
python-awn (0.4.0-2)
Python bindings for avant-window-navigator library
python-awn-extras (0.4.0-3)
Python bindings for avant-window-navigator's applets
python-axiom (0.6.0-2)
Python object database
python-ball (1.3.2-2+b2)
Python bindings for the Biochemical Algorithms Library
python-ballview (1.3.2-2+b2)
Python bindings for VIEW-parts of the Biochemical Algorithms Library
python-bcrypt (0.1-1+b1)
implementation of OpenBSD's Blowfish password hash algorithm
python-beaker (1.5.4-4+squeeze1)
cache and session library
python-bibtex (1.2.4-1.1+b1)
Python interfaces to BibTeX and the GNU Recode library
python-biopython (1.54-1)
Python library for bioinformatics
python-biopython-sql (1.54-1)
Biopython support for the BioSQL database schema
python-bluez (0.18-1+b1)
Python wrappers around BlueZ for rapid bluetooth development
python-bobo (0.2.2-2)
Web application framework for the impatient
python-boto (1.9b-4)
Python interface to Amazon's Web Services
python-bottle (0.8.4-1)
fast and simple WSGI-framework for Python
python-box2d (2.0.2+svn20100109.244-1)
Python Bindings for the 2D Physics Engine Box2D
python-brasero (2.30.0-4)
Python module for brasero
python-brlapi (4.2-7+squeeze2)
Python bindings for BrlAPI
python-bsddb3 (4.8.3-3)
Python interface for Berkeley DB
python-bsdiff (1.1-7+b1)
generate/apply a patch between two binary files (python module)
python-btsutils (0.3-1)
Python module to interact with debbugs servers
python-buffy (0.11+nmu1)
Python wrapper for the libbuffy library
python-bugbuddy (2.30.0-4)
Python module for bug-buddy
python-buzhug (1.6-1)
pure-Python database engine, using a Pythonic, no-SQL syntax
python-bzutils (0.2-1)
Python module to interact with bugzilla servers
python-cairo (1.8.8-1+b1 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, sparc], 1.8.8-1 [mips, powerpc, s390])
Python bindings for the Cairo vector graphics library
python-cairo-dev (1.8.8-1)
Python cairo bindings: development files
python-camelot (10.07.02-c2-4)
camelot - a GUI framework inspired by Django
python-cap-ng (0.6.4-1)
Python bindings for libcap-ng
python-carquinyol-0.84 (0.84.1-2)
Sugar graphical shell - datastore
python-carquinyol-0.86 (0.86.2-2)
Sugar graphical shell - datastore
python-carquinyol-0.88 (0.88.0-2)
Sugar graphical shell - datastore
python-carrot (0.10.5-1)
An AMQP messaging queue framework
python-catwalk (2.0.2-3)
model management interface for the Turbogears web framework
python-cdb (0.34-0.1+b1 [powerpc], 0.34-0.1 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, s390, sparc]) [contrib]
Python CDB (constant database) library
python-cddb (1.4-5.1+b2 [amd64, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 1.4-5.1+b1 [armel, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
Python interface to CD-IDs and FreeDB
python-central (0.6.16+nmu1)
register and build utility for Python packages
python-cerealizer (0.7-4)
secure pickle-like module for Python
python-cg (0.14.1-2+b1) [contrib]
nVidia Cg driver binding for Python
python-chaco (3.3.1-1)
interactive plotting application toolkit
python-chameleon (1.1.1-2)
XML-based template compiler
python-champlain (0.4.6-2+b1)
C library providing ClutterActor to display maps (Python bindings)
python-champlain-gtk (0.4.6-2+b1)
A Gtk+ widget to display maps (Python bindings)
python-chardet (2.0.1-1)
universal character encoding detector
python-cherrypy (2.3.0-3)
Python web development framework
python-cherrypy3 (3.1.2-1)
Python web development framework - version 3
python-chm (0.8.4-1+b1)
Python binding for CHMLIB
python-circuits (1.2.1-1)
event-driven framework with a component architecture
python-cjson (1.0.5-4)
Very fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python
python-clamav (0.4.1-3)
Python bindings to ClamAV
python-clearsilver (0.10.5-1+squeeze1)
Python bindings for clearsilver
python-clientform (0.2.10-2.1)
module for handling HTML forms on the client side
python-cloudservers (1.1-1)
client library for Rackspace's Cloud Servers API
python-cluster (1.1.1b3-1)
allows grouping a list of arbitrary objects into related groups (clusters)
python-clutter (1.0.2-1)
Open GL based interactive canvas library - Python bindings
python-clutter-dev (1.0.2-1)
Open GL based interactive canvas library - Python bindings development files
python-clutter-gtk (0.10.0-2)
Python bindings for Clutter-Gtk
python-clutter-gtk-dev (0.10.0-2)
Python bindings for Clutter-Gtk - development files
python-cogent (1.4.1-1.2) [non-free]
framework for genomic biology
python-coherence (
Python UPnP framework
python-comedilib (0.8.1-5+b1)
Python wrapper for Comedilib
python-compizconfig (0.8.4-2)
Compizconfig bindings for python
python-configobj (4.7.2+ds-1)
simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python
python-constraint (0.4.0-5)
Transitional dummy package
virtual package provided by python-logilab-constraint
python-couchdb (0.6-1)
library for working with Apache CouchDB
python-couchdbkit (0.4.8-1)
Trying to improve couchdb experience in Python
python-coverage (2.85-1)
code coverage tool for Python
python-cracklib (2.8.16-4)
Python bindings for password checker library cracklib2
python-creoleparser (0.7.2-3)
Parser for the Creole common wiki markup language
python-crypto (2.1.0-2+squeeze2)
cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python
python-csa (0.0.4-1.1)
The Connection-Set Algebra implemented in Python
python-csound (1:5.12.1~dfsg-5)
Python bindings for Csound
python-csoundac (1:5.12.1~dfsg-5)
Python bindings for CsoundAC
python-cssutils (0.9.7~b2-2)
CSS Cascading Style Sheets parser and builder
python-ctypeslib (0.0.0+svn20100125-2)
code generator to convert header files into ctypes interfaces
python-cubictemp (2.0-1)
small, elegant, Python-specific HTML templating system
python-cups (1.9.48-1)
Python bindings for CUPS
python-cupshelpers (1.2.3-3)
Python utility modules around the CUPS printing system
python-cvxopt (1.1.2-1+b1)
Python package for convex optimization
python-cwiid (0.6.00+svn201-2+b2)
library to interface with the wiimote
python-cxx (6.2.0-4)
A Set of facilities to extend Python with C++
python-cxx-dev (6.2.0-4)
A Set of facilities to extend Python with C++
python-daap (0.7.1-3+b1)
DAAP client implemented in Python
python-daemon (1.5.5-1)
library for making a Unix daemon process
python-dateutil (1.4.1-3)
powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
python-dballe (4.0.18-1+b1)
DB-ALL.e Python library for weather research
python-dbus (0.83.1-1)
simple interprocess messaging system (Python interface)
python-debianbts (1.9)
Python interface to Debian's Bug Tracking System
python-decorator (3.2.0-1)
simplify usage of python decorators by programmers
python-decoratortools (1.8-1)
version-agnostic decorators support for Python
python-demjson (1.4-1)
encoder, decoder, and lint/validator for JSON in Python
python-desktop-agnostic (0.3.90-2+b1)
Python bindings for libdesktop-agnostic
python-desktopcouch-extra (0.6.6-2)
transitional dummy package for DesktopCouch
virtual package provided by desktopcouch
python-desktopcouch-records (0.6.6-2)
transitional dummy package for DesktopCouch
virtual package provided by desktopcouch
python-dev (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
header files and a static library for Python (default)
python-dhm (0.6-3)
collection of Python utilities / helper
python-dialog (2.7-1)
Python module for making simple Text/Console-mode user interfaces
python-dicoclient (2.1-3)
RFC 2229 compliant dictionary client module and shell
python-dicom (
DICOM medical file reading and writing
python-dictclient (
Python client library for DICT (RFC2229) protocol
python-dictdlib (
Python library for generating dictd dictionaries
python-dingus (0.1-2)
A record-then-assert mocking library
python-distutils-extra (2.20)
enhancements to the Python build system
python-django (1.2.3-3+squeeze10)
High-level Python web development framework
python-django-app-plugins (0.1.1-1)
plugin system for django
python-django-auth-ldap (1.0.5-1)
Django LDAP authentication backend
python-django-auth-openid (0.2-1)
provides optional OpenID integration for Django
python-django-contact-form (0+hg61-2)
extensible contact-form application for Django
python-django-countries (1.0.4-1)
provides a country field for Django models
python-django-dajax (0.8.4-1)
easy to use ajax library for django
python-django-dajaxice (0.1.5-1squeeze1)
agnostic and easy to use AJAX library for django
python-django-debug-toolbar (0.8.3-2)
Embedded debugging toolbar for Django projects
python-django-djapian (2.3.1-3)
Search API for Django using Xapian
python-django-djblets (0.5.10~alpha0+git201005030944-2)
Re-usable components for Django projects
python-django-dmigrations (0.3.1+svn29-1)
Database migration tool for Django projects
python-django-extensions (0.4.2pre+git201004211325-1)
Useful extensions for Django projects
python-django-filebrowser (0+svn322-1)
file management in the Django admin interface
python-django-formfieldset (0+git20090520-621cb58-1)
fieldset rendering mixin for Django-based forms
python-django-genshi (1.1.3-2)
Django integration for Genshi
python-django-lint (0.13-1)
Static analysis tool for Django projects and applications
python-django-markupfield (1.0.0a2-1)
custom Django field for easy use of markup in text fields
python-django-mumble (2.3-1)
A Mumble-Server config application for Django
python-django-nose (0.1-1)
Django test runner that uses python-nose
python-django-picklefield (0.1.6-1)
Pickled object field for Django
python-django-piston (0.2.2-1+squeeze1)
Django mini-framework creating RESTful APIs
python-django-registration (0.7-2)
A user-registration application for Django
python-django-reversion (1.3.1-1)
Provides comprehensive version control facilities for Django
python-django-rosetta (0.5.6-1)
Eases the translation process of your Django projects
python-django-shorturls (1.0.1-2)
A short URL handler for Django applications
python-django-south (0.7-1)
Intelligent schema migrations for django apps
python-django-swordfish (0.12-1)
Persistent key-value database with HTTP interface (Django integration)
python-django-tagging (0.3.1-1)
A generic tagging application for Django projects
python-django-threaded-multihost (1.3.2-2)
allows to serve multiple sites from one django installation
python-django-tinymce (1.5-3)
replacement text widget for Django web framework
python-django-treebeard (1.61-1)
Efficient implementations of tree data structures for Django
python-djvu (0.1.18-2)
Python support for the DjVu image format
python-dkim (0.3-4)
Python module for DKIM signing and verification
python-dmidecode (3.10.11-1)
Python extension module for dmidecode
python-dns (2.3.4-4)
DNS client module for Python
python-dnspython (1.8.0-1)
DNS toolkit for Python
python-docky (2.0.6-2)
Elegant, powerful, clean dock - Python support library
python-docutils (0.7-2)
utilities for the documentation of Python modules
python-dolfin (0.9.8-3+b1)
Python interface for DOLFIN
python-dpkt (1.6+svn54-1)
Python packet creation / parsing module
python-dpm (
Disk Pool Manager (DPM) python bindings
python-drizzle (0.08.2-1)
Python binding to libdrizzle
python-drmaa (0.4~b3-2)
interface to DRMAA-compliant distributed resource management systems
python-dsv (1.4.1-1)
Python module for delimiter-separated-value files
python-dulwich (0.6.1-1)
Pure-python Git library
python-dumbnet (1.12-3+b1)
A dumb, portable networking library -- python bindings
python-easyzone (1.2.1-1)
DNS Zone abstraction Python module
python-ecasound2.2 (2.7.0-1.1)
Python binding files for ecasound 2.2
python-editobj (0.5.7-9)
Python object editor
python-egenix-mx-base-dev (3.1.3-4)
development files for the egenix-mx-base distribution
python-egenix-mxbeebase (3.1.3-4)
on-disk B+Tree based database kit for Python
python-egenix-mxdatetime (3.1.3-4)
date and time handling routines for Python
python-egenix-mxproxy (3.1.3-4)
generic proxy wrapper type for Python
python-egenix-mxqueue (3.1.3-4)
fast and memory-efficient queue for Python
python-egenix-mxstack (3.1.3-4)
fast and memory-efficient stack for Python
python-egenix-mxtexttools (3.1.3-4)
fast text processing tools for Python
python-egenix-mxtools (3.1.3-4)
collection of additional builtins for Python
python-egenix-mxuid (3.1.3-4)
unique identifiers for Python
python-egenix-mxurl (3.1.3-4)
flexible URL datatype for Python
python-eggtrayicon (2.25.3-7)
Python module to display icons in the system tray
python-elemental (1.2.0-2+b1)
Python bindings for liblemental
python-elements (0.13+svn20090823.230+dfsg-2)
A 2D Physics API for Python
python-elementtidy (1.0-7+b1)
An HTML tree builder for ElementTree based on Tidy
python-elixir (0.7.1-1)
Declarative Mapper for SQLAlchemy
python-empy (3.3-6)
A templating system for Python
python-enable (3.3.1-3)
Drawing and interaction packages
python-enchant (1.5.3-2)
spellchecking library for Python
python-encutils (0.9.7~b2-2)
Encoding detection collection for Python
python-enthoughtbase (3.0.5-1)
Core packages for the Enthought Tool Suite
python-enum (0.4.4-1)
robust enumerated type support in Python
python-envisagecore (3.1.2-1)
Extensible Application Framework
python-envisageplugins (3.1.2-1)
Plugins for the Envisage framework
python-epsilon (0.6.0-3)
utility Python modules commonly used by project
python-epydoc (3.0.1-8)
tool for documenting Python modules
python-ethos (0.2.2-1.1+b1)
GObject library for application plugins - Python bindings
python-event (0.3+svn60-3)
Python extension module for Niels Provos' libevent
python-evince (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the evince libraries
python-evolution (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the evolution libraries
python-exactimage (0.8.1-3+deb6u3)
fast image manipulation library (Python bindings)
python-examples (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
examples for the Python language (default version)
python-excelerator (
module for reading/writing Excel spreadsheet files
python-execnet (1.0.5-3)
rapid multi-Python deployment
python-extended-threading (0.2-2)
extension of the Python threading API
python-extractor (1:0.5-8)
extracts meta-data from files of arbitrary type (Python bindings)
python-facebook (0.svn20100209-3)
Python wrappers for the Facebook API
python-fam (1.1.1-2.2+b1)
Python interface to FAM
python-farsight (0.0.20-2)
Audio/Video communications framework: Python bindings
python-feedparser (4.1-14)
Universal Feed Parser for Python
python-feedvalidator (0~svn1022-2)
library and tool for validating syndication feeds
python-ferari (0.2.0-1)
optimizations for evaluation of variational forms
python-ffc (0.9.3-1)
compiler for finite element variational forms
python-fiat (0.9.2-1)
tabulation of finite element function spaces
python-fibranet (10-3)
cooperative threading and event driven framework
python-fiu (0.13-3+b1)
userspace fault injection framework (Python bindings)
python-flask (0.6-1)
micro web framework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
python-flickrapi (1.2-3)
Flickr API wrapper for Python
python-fltk (1.1.5-2)
Python wrapper for the Fast Light Toolkit
python-flup (1.0.2-1)
Implements Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI)
python-fontforge (0.0.20100501-5+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386], 0.0.20100501-5 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
font editor - Python bindings
python-foolscap (0.5.0+dfsg-1)
object-capability-based RPC system for Twisted Python
python-forgethtml (0.0.20031008-9)
Python module for easy HTML-writing
python-forgetsql (0.5.1-12)
Python module for easy SQL-database access
python-formencode (1.2.2-1)
validation and form generation Python package
python-fpconst (0.7.2-4)
Utilities for handling IEEE 754 floating point special values
python-freej (0.10git20100110-1+b4)
realtime video mixer and linear video editor
python-freevo (1.9.0-10)
home theater framework - Python modules
python-freshen (0.2-1)
an acceptance testing framework for Python
python-fs (0.3.0-1)
Python filesystem abstraction
python-ftdi (0.18-1)
Python module to control and program the FTDI USB controller
python-fuse (2:0.2.1-2+b1 [i386], 2:0.2.1-2 [amd64, armel, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Python bindings for FUSE (Filesystems in USErland)
python-gadfly (1.0.0-14)
SQL database and parser generator for Python
python-galago (0.5.0-1+b2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.5.0-1+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
Galago presence library (Python interface)
python-galago-dev (0.5.0-1)
Galago presence library (Python interface)
python-galago-gtk (0.5.0-1+b2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.5.0-1+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
GTK+ widgets for the Galago presence library (Python interface)
python-galago-gtk-dev (0.5.0-1)
Galago presence library (Python interface)
python-gamera (3.2.6-3)
framework for building document analysis applications
python-gamera-dev (3.2.6-3)
framework for building document analysis applications (header files)
python-gamin (0.1.10-2+b1)
Python binding for the gamin client library
python-gammu (1.28.0-1)
Python module to communicate with mobile phones
python-gasp (0.3.3-1)
procedural Python graphics library for beginning programmers
python-gastables (0.3-2)
compressible flow gas table modules for Python
python-gconf (2.28.1-1)
Python bindings for the GConf configuration database system
python-gd (0.56+dfsg-1+b2)
Python module wrapper for libgd
python-gda (2.25.3-7)
Python bindings for the GNOME data abstraction library
python-gdal (1.6.3-4+b1)
Python bindings to the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
python-gdata (2.0.8-1.1)
Google Data Python client library
python-gdbm (2.6.6-1)
GNU dbm database support for Python
python-gdchart2 (0.beta1-3.4+b2)
Python OO interface to GDChart
python-gdcm (2.0.16-2)
Grassroots DICOM Python bindings
python-gdl (2.25.3-7)
Python bindings for the GNOME devtool library
python-gearman.libgearman (0.13.2-2+b1)
Python wrapper of libgearman
python-genetic (0.1.1b-10)
genetic algorithms in Python
python-genshi (0.6-1)
Python XML-based template engine
python-geoclue (0.1.0-2)
Python module to access Geoclue data
python-geoip (1.2.4-2+b1)
Python bindings for the GeoIP IP-to-country resolver library
python-getfem++ (4.0.0-4+b1)
Python interface to the GETFEM++ generic finite element library
python-gevent (0.12.2-7)
gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library
python-gflags (1.3-1)
Python implementation of the Google command line flags module
python-ggz ( [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
Python modules for GGZ Gaming Zone
python-git (0.1.6-1)
Python library to interact with Git repositories
python-gksu2 (2.25.3-7)
Python bindings for the gksu library
python-glade2 (2.17.0-4)
GTK+ bindings: Glade support
python-glpk (0.4.43-2+b1 [amd64], 0.4.43-2 [armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Python bindings to the GNU Linear Programming Kit
python-gmenu (2.30.3-1)
an implementation of the freedesktop menu specification for GNOME
python-gmpy (1.11-1)
interfaces GMP to Python for fast, unbound-precision computations
python-gnome2 (2.28.1-1)
Python bindings for the GNOME desktop environment
python-gnome2-desktop-dev (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the GNOME desktop environment
python-gnome2-dev (2.28.1-1)
Python bindings for the GNOME desktop environment - development files
python-gnome2-extras-dev (2.25.3-7)
Development files for the extra GNOME Python bindings
python-gnomeapplet (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the GNOME panel applet library
python-gnomedesktop (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the GNOME desktop library
python-gnomekeyring (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the GNOME keyring library
python-gnupginterface (0.3.2-9.1)
Python interface to GnuPG (GPG)
python-gnuplot (1.8-1.1)
A Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program
python-gnutls (1.2.0-2)
Python wrapper for the GNUTLS library
python-gobject (2.21.4+is.2.21.3-1)
Python bindings for the GObject library
python-gobject-dev (2.21.4+is.2.21.3-1)
Development headers for the GObject Python bindings
python-goopy (0.1-5)
A small collection of handy routines for functional programming
python-gpgme (0.1+bzr20090820-1+b1)
python wrapper for the GPGME library
python-gpiv (2.0.0-3)
wrapper of libgpiv
python-gpod (0.7.93-0.3)
Python bindings for libgpod
python-gps (2.95-8)
Global Positioning System - Python libraries
python-graphy (1.0+dfsg-1)
chart generation library for Python
python-greenlet (0.3.1-1)
Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
python-greenlet-dev (0.3.1-1)
Lightweight in-process concurrent programming development files
python-gridfs (1.7-1)
Python implementation of GridFS for MongoDB
python-gst0.10 (0.10.19-1)
generic media-playing framework (Python bindings)
python-gst0.10-dev (0.10.19-1)
generic media-playing framework (Python bindings)
python-gst0.10-rtsp (0.10.5-2)
GStreamer RTSP server plugin (Python bindings)
python-gtask (0.1.2-2)
GObject library for asynchronous programming - Python bindings
python-gtk-vnc (0.4.1-4)
A VNC viewer widget for GTK+ (Python binding)
python-gtk2 (2.17.0-4)
Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
python-gtk2-dev (2.17.0-4)
GTK+ bindings: devel files
python-gtkglext1 (1.1.0-5)
GtkGLext python bindings
python-gtkmozembed (2.25.3-7)
Python bindings for the GtkMozEmbed Gecko library
python-gtkmvc (1.99.0-2)
model-view-controller (MVC) implementation for pygtk
python-gtksourceview2 (2.10.1-1)
Python bindings for the GtkSourceView widget
python-gtkspell (2.25.3-7)
Python bindings for the GtkSpell library
python-gtop (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the Gtop library
python-gudev (147.2-1+squeeze1)
Python bindings for gudev
python-gupnp-igd (0.1.7-3+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386], 0.1.7-3 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Python binding for the UPnP IGD port mapping library
python-guppy (0.1.9-2)
Python programming environment Guppy-PE
python-guppy-lib (0.1.9-2)
Dynamic libraries for Guppy-PE
python-gweather (2.30.3-1)
Python bindings for GWeather
python-h5py (1.3.0-3)
h5py is a general-purpose Python interface to hdf5
python-hachoir-core (1.3.3-3)
Core of Hachoir framework: parse and edit binary files
python-hachoir-metadata (1.3.2-1)
Program to extract metadata using Hachoir library
python-hachoir-parser (1.3.2-2)
Package of Hachoir parsers used to open binary files
python-hachoir-regex (1.0.5-1)
regular expressions manipulation Python library
python-hachoir-subfile (0.5.3-1)
find subfiles in any binary stream
python-hachoir-urwid (1.1-1)
Binary file explorer using Hachoir and urwid libraries
python-hachoir-wx (0.3-1)
wxWidgets GUI for the hachoir binary parser
python-hijra (0.1.18-3) [non-free]
Hijri Islamic Calendar converting functions for python
python-hippocanvas (0.3.0-3+b3 [armel, ia64, powerpc], 0.3.0-3+b2 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, s390, sparc])
Python bindings to hippo-canvas
python-html2text (2.3.7-1)
Python module for converting HTML to Markdown text
python-html5lib (0.90-1)
HTML parser/tokenizer based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification
python-htmlgen (2.2.2-12)
Python library for the generation of HTML
python-htmltmpl (1.22-10)
Templating engine for separation of code and HTML
python-httplib2 (0.6.0-4)
comprehensive HTTP client library written for Python
python-hulahop (0.7.1-3)
Sugar graphical shell - gecko-based web engine
python-ibus (1.3.7-1)
New input method framework using dbus
python-id3 (1.2-6.2)
Python module for id3-tags manipulation
python-ieee1284 (0.2.11-6)
Python bindings to libieee1284
python-ifeffit (2:1.2.11d-6) [contrib]
Python GUI interface and extensions for IFEFFIT
python-imaging (1.1.7-2)
Python Imaging Library
python-imaging-sane (1.1.7-2)
Python Imaging Library - SANE interface
python-imaging-tk (1.1.7-2)
Python Imaging Library - ImageTk Module
python-imdbpy (4.6.0-1)
Python package to access the IMDb's movie database
python-imobiledevice (1.0.2-1)
Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices
python-impacket (
Python module to easily build and dissect network protocols
python-import-relative (0.1.0-2)
relative import of a module for older versions of Python (i.e. pre 2.6)
python-importlib (1.0.1-2)
Backport of importlib.import_module() from Python 2.7
python-indicate (0.4.1-2)
Python bindings for libindicate
python-iniparse (0.3.2-1)
Module to access and modify configuration data in INI files
python-inotifyx (0.1.1-1+b1)
simple Python binding to the Linux inotify
python-insighttoolkit3 (3.18.0-5)
Image processing toolkit for registration and segmentation - Python bindings
python-instant (0.9.8-1)
simple inlining of C / C++ code in Python
python-ipaddr (2.1.5-2)
Python module for working with IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6
python-ipcalc (0.3-1)
perform IP subnet calculations
python-iplib (1.1-2)
Python library to convert amongst many different IPv4 notations
python-iptcdata (1.0.4-1+b1 [amd64, armel, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 1.0.4-1 [ia64, mips])
Python bindings for the iptcdata library
python-ipy (1:0.70-1)
Python module for handling IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks
python-irclib (0.4.8-1)
IRC client library for Python
python-iso8583 (1.1-1)
library for ISO 8583 transactions
python-jabber (0.5.0-1.4)
Python module for the Jabber instant messaging platform
python-jabberbot (0.9-1+squeeze1)
easily write simple Jabber bots
python-jarabe-0.84 (0.84.20-1)
Sugar graphical shell - library
python-jarabe-0.86 (0.86.3-13)
Sugar graphical shell - library
python-jarabe-0.88 (0.88.1-2)
Sugar graphical shell - library
python-jaxml (3.01-6)
Python module for generating XML documents
python-jinja (1.2-3+b1)
small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
python-jinja2 (2.5.5-1)
small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
python-joblib (0.4.3-1)
tools to provide lightweight pipelining in Python
python-jppy (0.0.56-1.1)
Python API to access J-Pilot contacts, memo, and task databases
python-jpype (
Binding the worlds of Java and Python
python-jsonpickle (0.3.1-2)
Python library for serializing arbitrary object graphs into JSON
python-jswebkit (0.0.2-1)
WebKit/JavaScriptCore Python bindings
python-junitxml (0.5-1)
PyUnit extension for reporting in JUnit compatible XML
python-kaa-base (0.6.0-5)
Base Kaa Framework for all Kaa Modules
python-kaa-imlib2 (0.2.3-4)
Imlib2 Wrapper for Python
python-kaa-metadata (0.7.7-2+b1)
Media Metadata for Python
python-kde3 (3.16.7-1+b1)
KDE3 bindings for Python
python-kde3-dev (3.16.7-1)
KDE3 bindings for Python - Development files and scripts
python-kde4 (4:4.4.5-3)
Python bindings for the KDE Development Platform
python-kde4-dev (4:4.4.5-3)
UIC compiler and SIP files for PyKDE
python-kerberos (1.1+svn4895-1+b1)
A GSSAPI interface module for Python
python-keybinder (0.2.2-2)
registers global key bindings for applications - Python bindings
python-keyczar (0.6~b.061709-2)
Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography for Python
python-keyring (0.2-3)
store and access your passwords safely
python-keyring-gnome (0.2-3+b2)
store and access your passwords safely - Gnome-Keyring backend
python-keyring-kwallet (0.2-3+b2)
store and access your passwords safely - KWallet backend
python-kid (0.9.6-2)
simple Pythonic template language for XML based vocabularies
python-kinterbasdb (3.3.0-2+b1)
Python DB API 2.0 extension for Firebird and Interbase
python-kiwi (1.9.22-2)
a graphical framework to construct simple UI
python-kjbuckets (1:1.0.0-14)
Set and graph data types for Python
python-kml (1.2.0-1)
A library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - Python extension
python-ktoblzcheck (1.28-1)
library for verification of account numbers and bank codes (Python bindings)
python-kwwidgets (1.0.0~cvs20090825-4+b4 [ia64, mips, sparc], 1.0.0~cvs20090825-4+b3 [amd64, armel, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, powerpc, s390])
Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit - Python
python-kzorp (3.3.6-1.1)
Python bindings for kzorp.
python-lamson (1.0pre11-1)
A pure Python SMTP server
python-lash (
Python bindings for liblash2
python-lasso (2.2.1-4+b1)
Library for Liberty Alliance and SAML protocols - Python bindings
python-launchpadlib (1.6.2-1)
Launchpad web services client library
python-lazr.restfulclient (0.9.21-1)
client for lazr.restful-based web services
python-lazr.uri (1.0.2-2)
library for parsing, manipulating, and generating URIs
python-ldap (2.3.11-1)
LDAP interface module for Python
python-ldaptor (0.0.43+debian1-3)
pure-Python library for LDAP operations
python-ldb (1:0.9.10~git20100203-1+b1)
Python bindings for LDB
python-ldns (1.6.6-2+squeeze1)
Python bindings for the ldns library for DNS programming
python-ldtp (2.0.6-1)
Python bindings for ldtp
python-levenshtein (0.10.1-1.1)
extension for computing string similarities and edit distances
python-lfc (
LCG File Catalog (LFC) python bindings
python-libconcord (0.22-3)
Harmony remote configuration tool - Python bindings
python-libhamlib2 (1.2.11-1)
Run-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers
python-liblas (1.2.1-2)
A Python module to use the ASPRS LiDAR data translation library
python-liblcms (1.18.dfsg-1.2+b3)
Python bindings for liblcms color management library
python-liblicense (0.8-2.1+b1)
Python bindings for library to analyze media files' license info
python-liblinear (1.6+dfsg-1)
Python bindings for LIBLINEAR
python-liblo (0.8.1-3)
Python bindings for liblo, the lightweight OSC library
python-libmimic (1.0.4-2+b2)
A video codec for Mimic V2.x content (python bindings)
python-libpcap (0.6.2-0.1+b1)
python libpcap wrapper
python-libproxy (0.3.1-2+squeeze1)
automatic proxy configuration management library (python)
python-librdf (
Python language bindings for the Redland RDF library
python-libssh2 (1.0.0-1)
Python binding for libssh2 library
python-libsvm (2.91-1)
Python interface for support vector machine library
python-libtorrent (0.14.10-2+b1)
Python bindings for libtorrent-rasterbar
python-libvirt (0.8.3-5+squeeze5)
libvirt Python bindings
python-libvoikko (3.0-1)
Python bindings for libvoikko
python-libxml2 (2.7.8.dfsg-2+squeeze8)
Python bindings for the GNOME XML library
python-libxslt1 (1.1.26-6+squeeze3)
Python bindings for libxslt1
python-lightblue (0.3.2-1+b2)
cross-platform Bluetooth API for Python
python-llvm (0.5+svn85-1+b1)
Python bindings for LLVM
python-lockfile (1:0.8-2)
file locking library for Python
python-logilab-astng (0.20.1-1)
rebuild a new abstract syntax tree (AST) from Python's ast
python-logilab-common (0.50.3-1)
useful miscellaneous modules used by Logilab projects
python-logilab-constraint (0.4.0-5)
constraints satisfaction solver in Python
python-louie (1.1-1.1)
Python signal dispatching mechanism
python-louis (2.0.0-1)
Python bindings for liblouis
python-lunar (2.0.1-2.1)
Python bindings for the Chinese Lunar library
python-lxml (2.2.8-2)
pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
python-lzma (0.5.3-1)
Python bindings for liblzma
python-m2crypto (0.20.1-1+b1)
a crypto and SSL toolkit for Python
python-magic (5.04-5+squeeze5)
File type determination library using "magic" numbers (Python bindings)
python-mailer (0.5-1)
A module that simplifies sending email
python-mailutils (1:2.1+dfsg1-7)
GNU Mail abstraction library (Python interface)
python-mako (0.3.4-5)
fast and lightweight templating for the Python platform
python-mapnik (0.7.1-3)
C++/Python toolkit for developing GIS applications (Python)
python-mapscript (5.6.5-2+squeeze3)
Python library for MapServer
python-markdown (2.0.3-2)
text-to-HTML conversion library/tool
python-markupsafe (0.9.2-3)
XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
python-matplotlib (0.99.3-1)
Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab
python-matplotlib-data (0.99.3-1)
Python based plotting system (data package)
python-mdp (2.6-1)
Modular toolkit for Data Processing
python-mecab (0.98-2+b1)
mecab binding for Python
python-mechanize (0.1.11-1.1)
stateful programmatic web browsing
python-mediaprofiles (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the GNOME media profiles library
python-medusa (0.5.4+clean-2)
Framework for implementing asynchronous servers
python-mei (1.0.1-8)
A Python language binding for libmei
python-meld3 (0.6.5-3)
An HTML/XML templating system for Python
python-meliae (0.2.1-1)
Memory analysis tool for Python
python-memcache (1.45-1)
pure python memcached client
python-metacity (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for metacity
python-mhash (1.4-1+b1)
Python bindings for libmhash
python-migrate (0.6-4)
Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy
python-milter (0.9.3-2)
Python extension for Sendmail Milter Protocol
python-ming (1:0.4.3-1+b1)
Ming (SWF) module for Python
python-minimal (2.6.6-3+squeeze7)
minimal subset of the Python language (default version)
python-minimock (1.2.5-1)
simple library for Python mock objects
python-mlpy (2.2.0~dfsg1-2)
high-performance Python package for predictive modeling
python-mlpy-lib (2.2.0~dfsg1-2)
low-level implementations and bindings for mlpy
python-mlt2 (0.5.6+git20100727-1)
multimedia framework (python bindings)
python-mmkeys (
Multimedia key support as a PyGTK object
python-mock (0.6.0-1.1)
Mocking and Testing Library
python-mode (1:5.1.0-1)
Python mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs
python-moinmoin (1.9.3-1+squeeze5)
Python clone of WikiWiki - library
python-monajat (2.3.2-1)
Islamic supplications backend
python-moovida (1.0.9+bzr1614-1.1)
Python library for the Moovida media center application
python-mox (0.5.3-1)
a mock object framework for Python
python-mpd (0.2.1-5)
Python MPD client library
python-mpdclient (0.11.1-2)
Python interface to MPD
python-mpi (2.8-1.2)
MPI module for Python
python-mpmath (0.15-1)
library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic
python-multiprocessing (
process-based "threading" interface
python-musicbrainz (2.1.5-4)
Second generation incarnation of the CD Index - Python bindings
python-musicbrainz2 (0.6.0-2)
An interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service
python-mutagen (1.19-2)
audio metadata editing library
python-mvpa (0.4.5~dev23-2)
multivariate pattern analysis with Python
python-mvpa-lib (0.4.5~dev23-2)
low-level implementations and bindings for PyMVPA
python-mygpoclient (1.4-1)
Client library for the web service
python-mysqldb (1.2.2-10+b1)
A Python interface to MySQL
python-nautilus (0.6.1-1+b1)
Python binding for Nautilus components
python-ncap (1.9.2-1+b1)
Python bindings for libncap
python-netaddr (0.7.4-1)
manipulation of various common network address notations
python-netcdf (2.8-1.2+b2)
A netCDF interface for Python
python-netfilter (0.5.6-1)
Python modules for manipulating netfilter rules
python-netifaces (0.5-2.1)
portable network interface information for Python
python-netio230a (1.0.1-3)
Python class to access the Koukaam NETIO-230A
python-networkx (1.1-2)
tool to create, manipulate and study complex networks
python-nevow (0.10.0-2)
Web application templating system for Python and Twisted
python-newt (0.52.11-1)
A NEWT module for Python
python-nids (0.6.1-1)
Python binding for libnids (aka pynids)
python-nifti (0.20100607.1-2)
Python interface to the NIfTI I/O libraries
python-nipy (0.1.2+20100526-2)
Analysis of structural and functional neuroimaging data
python-nipy-lib (0.1.2+20100526-2)
Analysis of structural and functional neuroimaging data
python-nipype (0.3.2-1)
Neuroimaging data analysis pipelines in Python
python-nmap (0.1.4-1)
Python interface to the Nmap port scanner
python-nodebox-web (
collection of web-related Python modules
python-nose (0.11.1-1)
test discovery and running for Python's unittest
python-notify (0.1.1-2+b2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.1.1-2+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
Python bindings for libnotify
python-ns3 (3.7.1-7)
develop files of ns3
python-numpy (1:1.4.1-5)
Numerical Python adds a fast array facility to the Python language
python-nwsclient (1.6.4-3)
NetWorkSpaces client for distributed Python applications
python-nwsserver (2.0.0-1)
NetWorkSpaces server for distributed applications
python-oauth (1.0.1-2)
Python library implementing of the OAuth protocol
python-obexftp (0.23-1+b1)
Python binding to the object exchange file transfer library
python-objgraph (1.2-1)
Ad-hoc tools for drawing Python object reference graphs with graphviz
python-ocempgui (0.2.8-1.1+b1)
graphical user interface toolkit providing widgets for PyGame
python-ogg (1.3+repack-5+b1)
Python interface to the Ogg library
python-okasha (0.1.0-2) [non-free]
trivial WSGI web framework for Python
python-okasha-examples (0.1.0-2) [non-free]
trivial WSGI web framework for Python (examples)
python-old-doctools (2.5.5-1)
Python latex based documentation tools (rescued from python2.5)
python-omniorb (3.3-1)
Python bindings for omniORB
python-omniorb-omg (3.3-1)
CORBA OMG standard files for python-omniorb
python-ooolib (0.0.17-1)
Python module for creating OpenDocument documents (sp.sheet/text)
python-openal (0.1.6-5+b1)
port for Python of the OpenAL library
python-openbabel (2.2.3-1+b2 [armel, ia64], 2.2.3-1+b1 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Chemical toolbox library (python bindings)
python-opencv (2.1.0-3+squeeze1)
Python bindings for the computer vision library
python-opengl (3.0.1~b2-1)
Python bindings to OpenGL
python-openid (2.2.4-1)
OpenID support for servers and consumers
python-openmeeg (2.0.0.dfsg-2)
Python bindings for openmeeg library
python-openoffice (0.1+r34-6)
Python libraries for interacting with
python-openopt (0.27+svn364-1)
Python module for numerical optimization
python-openpyxl (1.1.0-1)
module to read/write OpenXML xlsx/xlsm files
python-openscap (0.5.12-3+b1)
Set of libraries enabling integration of the SCAP line of standards
python-openssl (0.10-1+squeeze1)
Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library
python-opensync (0.22-4squeeze1)
Python bindings to the opensync synchronisation engine
python-openturns (0.13.2-8+b1 [amd64], 0.13.2-8 [armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Python front-end of OpenTURNS (aka TUI)
python-opster (0.9.10-1)
a python command line parsing speedster
python-optcomplete (1.2-10)
provide bash-completion for Python programs
python-osd (0.2.14-5)
Transitional dummy package
python-osmgpsmap (0.7.2-1)
GTK+ library to embed OpenStreetMap maps - Python bindings
python-oss ( [armel], [amd64, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Open Sound System (OSS) interface for Python
python-othman (0.2.5-2) [non-free]
library providing access to Quranic text with a fast search index
python-otr (0.2.1-1+b1)
Python bindings for OTR encryption
python-pacparser (1.2.6-2)
Python module to parse proxy auto-config files
python-pam (0.4.2-12.2+squeeze1)
A Python interface to the PAM library
python-papyon (0.4.10-1)
MSN client library written in Python
python-parallel (0.2-6)
pyparallel - module encapsulating access for the parallel port
python-paramiko (1.7.6-5)
Make ssh v2 connections with Python
python-parsedatetime (0.8.7-2)
Python module to parse human-readable date/time expressions
python-parted (3.4-2)
Python interface for libparted
python-paste (
tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack
python-pastebin (0.5.0-1)
Python module to send text files to pastebin web applications
python-pastedeploy (1.3.3-3)
load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
python-pastescript (1.7.3-6)
serving web applications, creating file layouts for Python packages
python-pastewebkit (1.0-4)
port/reimplementation of Webware WebKit in WSGI and Paste
python-paver (1.0.3-1)
Python-based software project scripting tool along the lines of Make or Rake
python-pcapy (0.10.6-2)
Python interface to the libpcap packet capture library
python-pdftools (0.37-2)
PDF document reading classes
python-peak.rules (0.5a1+r2600-1)
generic functions support for Python
python-peak.util (20090610-3)
utilities from the Python Enterprise Application Kit
python-pefile (
Portable Executable (PE) parsing module for Python
python-pesto (16-2)
a library for Python web applications
python-petsc4py (1.1-2)
Python bindings for PETSc libraries
python-pexpect (2.3-1)
Python module for automating interactive applications
python-pgm (0.3.12-2+b2)
User interfaces with embedded multimedia - Python bindings
python-pgsql (2.5.1-2+b3 [amd64, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 2.5.1-2+b1 [armel, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
A Python DB-API 2.0 interface to PostgreSQL v7.x
python-phoneutils (0.1+git20100219-1)
python bindings for libphone-utils
python-pip (0.7.2-1)
alternative Python package installer
python-pipeline (0.1.1-3)
iterator pipelines for Python
python-pisa (3.0.32-1)
PDF generator using HTML and CSS (Python module)
python-pisock (0.12.5-2)
Python module to communicate with PalmOS PDA
python-pivy (0.5.0~svn765-2+b1)
Coin binding for Python
python-pkg-resources (0.6.14-4)
Package Discovery and Resource Access using pkg_resources
python-plist (1.3-2)
Library for handling Apple binary and XML property lists
python-plplot (5.9.5-4)
Python support for PLplot, a plotting library
python-ply (3.3-1)
Lex and Yacc implementation for Python
python-pmw (1.3.2-5)
Pmw -- Python MegaWidgets
python-poker-engine (1.3.5-1)
multiplayer poker engine with abstract variants specifications
python-poker-network (1.7.7-3.2)
multiplayer poker server and client library
python-poker-prizes (1.7.7-3.2)
real prizes addon for poker-network
python-poker-stats (1.7.7-3.2)
statistics poker-network client
python-poker2d (1.7.7-3.2+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386], 1.7.7-3.2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
GTK poker client to play on a poker-network server
python-polib (0.5.2-1)
Python library to parse and manage gettext catalogs
python-polybori (0.5~rc1-2.1+b2)
Polynomials over Boolean Rings, Python module
python-poppler (0.12.1-1+b1)
Poppler Python bindings
python-pp (1.6.0-1)
parallel and distributed programming toolkit for Python
python-pprocess (0.5-1)
elementary parallel programming for Python
python-pqueue (0.2-7.1+b1)
a priority queue extension for Python
python-prctl (1.1.1-1)
Python interface to the prctl() syscall
python-prelude (1.0.0-1)
Security Information Management System [ Base library ]
python-preludedb (1.0.0-1)
Security Information Management System [ Base library ]
python-prettytable (0.5-1)
library to represent tabular data in visually appealing ASCII tables
python-profiler (2.6.6-1) [non-free]
deterministic profiling of any Python programs
python-progressbar (2.2-2)
text progressbar library for Python
python-protobuf (2.3.0-4)
Python bindings for protocol buffers
python-protocols (1.0a.svn20070625-5+b1)
Open Protocols and Component Adaptation for Python
python-psutil (0.1.3-1)
module providing convenience functions for managing processes
python-psyco (1.6-2)
Python specializing compiler
python-psycopg2 (2.2.1-1)
Python module for PostgreSQL
python-ptrace (0.6.2-1)
Python bindings for ptrace
python-pudb (0.92.14-3)
full-screen, console-based Python debugger
python-py (1.3.3-2)
Advanced Python testing tool and networking lib
python-pyao (0.82-3)
A Python interface to the Audio Output library
python-pyasn1 (0.0.11a-1)
ASN.1 library for Python
python-pyatspi (1.30.1-3)
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface - Python bindings
python-pybabel (0.9.4-2)
tools for internationalizing Python applications
python-pybiggles (1.6.6-1)
Scientific plotting package for Python
python-pycallgraph (0.5.1-3)
Python library that creates call graphs for Python programs
python-pycha (0.5.3-1)
chart-drawing library using Cairo
python-pychart (1.39-7)
Python library for creating high quality charts
python-pyclamd (0.1.1-2)
Python interface to the ClamAV daemon
python-pycountry (0.12.1+ds1-1)
ISO databases accessible from Python
python-pycryptopp (0.5.17-1+b1)
Python wrappers for the Crypto++ library
python-pycurl (7.19.0-3+b1)
Python bindings to libcurl
python-pydds (2.0.1+ddd105-1+b1)
bridge double dummy solver - Python extension
python-pydhcplib (0.6.2-2)
Python DHCP client/server library
python-pydirector (1.0.0-1)
pure Python TCP load balancer
python-pydoctor (0.3-1)
Python API document generator
python-pydot (1.0.2-1)
Python interface to Graphviz's dot
python-pyentropy (0.3-1)
Python module for estimation information theoretic quantities
python-pyepl (1.1.0-3)
module for coding psychology experiments in Python
python-pyepl-common (1.1.0-3)
module for coding psychology experiments in Python
python-pyevolve (0.6~rc1+svn397.dfsg-1)
Complete genetic algorithm framework
python-pyexiv2 (0.1.3-6+b4 [amd64, armel, i386, mipsel, s390], 0.1.3-6+b3 [ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, powerpc, sparc])
Python binding to Exiv2
python-pyfann (2.1.0~beta~dfsg-2)
Python bindings for FANN
python-pyfiglet (0.4+dfsg-2)
Python port of the FIGlet specification
python-pyfits (1:2.3.1-1)
Python module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files
python-pyfltk (1.1.5-2)
transitional dummy package for python-fltk
python-pyfribidi (0.10.0-2)
FriBidi Python bindings
python-pyftpdlib (0.5.2-1)
Python FTP server library
python-pygame (1.8.1release-2+b1)
SDL bindings for games development in Python
python-pygccxml (1.0.0-4)
specialized XML reader reads the output from gccxml
python-pyglet (1.1.2.dfsg-2)
cross-platform windowing and multimedia library
python-pyglew (0.1.2-4+b1)
GLEW bindings for Python
python-pygments (1.3.1+dfsg-1)
syntax highlighting package written in Python
python-pygoocanvas (0.14.1-1+b1)
GooCanvas Python bindings
python-pygooglechart (0.3.0-1)
complete wrapper for the Google Chart API
python-pygpu (0.2.0a-629-2) [contrib]
embedded language for programming GPU using Python
python-pygraph (1.7.0-1)
library for working with graphs in Python
python-pygraphviz (1.0-1)
Python interface to the Graphviz graph layout and visualization package
python-pygresql (1:4.0-2+b1)
PostgreSQL module for Python
python-pyicu (1.0-1+b1 [amd64, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 1.0-1 [armel])
Python extension wrapping the ICU C++ API
python-pyinotify (0.8.9-1)
simple Linux inotify Python bindings
python-pyip (0.7-1)
Python modules for raw ip packet assembling/disassembling
python-pyisomd5sum (1:1.0.4-1+b1)
ISO9660 checksum Python module
python-pykcs11 (1.2.2-1)
PKCS#11 wrapper for Python
python-pyke (1.1.1-1)
Prolog-inspired Python logic programming toolkit
python-pykickstart (1.77-1)
Python library for manipulating kickstart files
python-pylibacl (0.5.0-3)
module for manipulating POSIX.1e ACLs
python-pylibmc (1.1.1-1)
libmemcached wrapper
python-pylirc (0.0.5-2+b1)
Python bindings for Linux Infra-red Remote Control (LIRC) support
python-pymad (0.6-1.1+b1)
Python wrapper to the MPEG Audio Decoder library
python-pyme (0.8.1+clean-4)
Python interface to the GPGME GnuPG encryption library
python-pymetar (0.16-1)
Python interface to METAR reports
python-pymongo (1.7-1)
Python interface to the MongoDB document-oriented database
python-pymssql (1.0.2+dfsg-1+b3 [armel, ia64], 1.0.2+dfsg-1+b2 [amd64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386], 1.0.2+dfsg-1+b1 [i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Python database access for MS SQL server and Sybase
python-pymtp (0.0.4-2)
Pythonic binding to LibMTP to interact with MTP devices
python-pynetsnmp (0.28.14-1)
Python ctypes bindings for NET-SNMP with Twisted integration
python-pyodbc (2.1.7-1)
Python module for ODBC database access
python-pyode (1.2.0-4+cvs20090320+b1)
Python bindings for The Open Dynamics Engine
python-pyopencl (0.92.dfsg-1) [contrib]
module to access OpenCL parallel computation API
python-pyorbit (2.24.0-6)
A Python language binding for the ORBit2 CORBA implementation
python-pyorbit-dev (2.24.0-6)
PyORBit: development files
python-pyorbit-omg (2.24.0-6)
PyORBit - Python CORBA OMG standard files
python-pyosd (0.2.14-5+b2)
Python bindings for X On-Screen Display library
python-pyparsing (1.5.2-2)
Python parsing module
python-pypdf (1.12-3)
PDF toolkit implemented solely in Python
python-pypoker-eval (137.0-1+b3 [armel, ia64], 137.0-1+b2 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
python interface to poker hand evaluator library development files
python-pyproj (1.8.7-1)
Python interface to PROJ.4 library
python-pyquery (0.6.1-1)
jQuery-like library for python
python-pyrad (1.2-1+deb6u1)
Python module for creating and decoding RADIUS packets
python-pyrex (
compile native-code modules for Python from Python-like syntax
python-pyrrd (0.0.7-1)
object-oriented Python interface for RRD
python-pyrss2gen (1.0.0-7)
A Python interface for generating RSS 2.0 feeds
python-pyscard (1.6.10-2)
Python wrapper above PC/SC API
python-pyscript (0.6.1-3)
Python module for producing postscript graphics
python-pysearch (3.1-1.1)
transitional dummy package
python-pysnmp-common (4.1.9a-2)
Python SNMP library for agents and managers (version selection module)
python-pysnmp-se (3.5.2-5)
speed enhanced Python SNMP library for agents and managers
python-pysnmp2 (2.0.9-3)
Python SNMP library for agents and managers (stable branch)
python-pysnmp4 (4.1.9a-2)
Python SNMP library for agents and managers (unstable branch)
python-pysnmp4-apps (0.2.6a-1)
Applications for the Python SNMP library
python-pysnmp4-mibs (0.0.5a-3)
MIBs for the Python SNMP library
python-pysqlite1.1 (1.1.8a-3+b1)
python interface to SQLite 3
python-pysqlite2 (2.6.0-1)
Python interface to SQLite 3
python-pytest-xdist (1.1-3)
xdist plugin for py.test
python-pythoncard (0.8.2-1)
wxPython-based GUI construction framework (underlying Python libraries)
python-pythonmagick (0.9.1-3+b1)
Object-oriented Python interface to ImageMagick
python-pytils (0.2.3-2)
Python library for processing strings in Russian
python-pytools (10-7)
big bag of things supplementing Python standard library
python-pytrilinos (10.0.4.dfsg-1.1+b1)
parallel solver libraries within an object-oriented software framework
python-pytyrant (1.1.17-1)
Pure Python client implementation of the Tokyo Tyrant protocol
python-pyvorbis (1.4-2+b1)
Python interface to the Ogg Vorbis library
python-pyvtk (0.4.74-2)
module for manipulating VTK files
python-pywapi (0.2.2-1)
Python wrapper around different weather APIs
python-pywbem (0.7.0-4)
Python WBEM Client and Provider Interface
python-pywt (0.2.0-1)
Python extension implementing of wavelet transformations
python-pyx (0.10-2)
Python module for generating PostScript graphics
python-pyxattr (0.5.0-3)
module for manipulating filesystem extended attributes
virtual package provided by python-xattr
python-pyxmpp (1.1.1-1)
XMPP and Jabber implementation for Python
python-qgis (1.4.0+12730-5)
Python bindings to Quantum GIS
python-qgis-common (1.4.0+12730-5)
Python bindings to Quantum GIS - architecture-independent files
python-qrencode (1.01-2)
Python bindings for the Qrencode QR Code generator library
python-qscintilla2 (2.4.3-1+b1 [armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 2.4.3-1 [amd64])
Python bindings for QScintilla 2
python-qt-dev (3.18.1-4)
Qt bindings for Python - Development files
python-qt3 (3.18.1-4)
Qt3 bindings for Python
python-qt3-gl (3.18.1-4)
Qt3 OpenGL bindings for Python
python-qt4 (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
Python bindings for Qt4
python-qt4-dbus (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
DBus Support for PyQt4
python-qt4-dev (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
Development files for PyQt4
python-qt4-gl (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
Python bindings for Qt4's OpenGL module
python-qt4-phonon (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
Python bindings for Phonon
python-qt4-sql (4.7.3-1+squeeze1)
Python bindings for PyQt4's SQL module
python-qtext (3.18.1-4)
Qt extensions for PyQt
python-qwt3d-qt3 (0.1.7~cvs20090625-4)
Python bindings of the QwtPlot3D library
python-qwt3d-qt4 (0.1.7~cvs20090625-4)
Python bindings of the QwtPlot3D library
python-qwt5-qt3 (5.2.1~cvs20091107+dfsg-3+b1)
Python version of the Qwt5 technical widget library
python-qwt5-qt4 (5.2.1~cvs20091107+dfsg-3+b1)
Python version of the Qwt5 technical widget library
python-rabbyt (0.8.1-1+b1)
sprite library for Python with game development in mind
python-radicale (0.3-2)
simple calendar server - module
python-radix (0.5-2+b1)
radix tree implementation for storage of IPv4 and IPv6 networks
python-rainbow (0.8.6-1)
core rainbow shared module
python-rapi2 (0.15-1)
Make RAPI calls to a Windows Mobile device, Python bindings
python-rbtools (0.2-1)
command-line client-side script for Review Board
python-rdflib (2.4.2-1+b1)
RDF library containing an RDF triple store and RDF/XML parser/serializer
python-recaptcha (1.0.5-1+squeeze1)
client library for reCAPTCHA and Mailhide
python-redis (2.0.0-1)
Persistent key-value database with network interface (Python library)
python-relational (0.11-2)
Educational tool for relational algebra (standalone module)
python-relatorio (0.5.5-1)
Python module to create reports from Python objects
python-remctl (2.16-1)
Python extension for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
python-renderpm (2.4-4)
python low level render interface
python-reportbug (4.12.6)
Python modules for interacting with bug tracking systems
python-reportlab (2.4-4)
ReportLab library to create PDF documents using Python
python-reportlab-accel (2.4-4)
C coded extension accelerator for the ReportLab Toolkit
python-repoze.tm2 (1.0a4-2)
Zope-like transaction manager via WSGI middleware
python-repoze.what (1.0.9-1)
authorization framework for Python WSGI applications
python-repoze.what-plugins (20090531-2)
authorization framework for Python WSGI applications - plugins collection
python-repoze.who (1.0.18-1)
identification and authentication framework for Python WSGI applications
python-repoze.who-plugins (20090913-1)
authentication framework for Python WSGI applications - plugins collection
python-restkit (2.0.2-1)
Restkit is an HTTP resource kit for Python
python-roman (0.7-2)
module for generating/analyzing Roman numerals
python-routes (1.12.3-1)
Routing Recognition and Generation Tools
python-rpm (4.8.1-6+squeeze1)
Python bindings for RPM
python-rpy (1.0.3-15)
Python interface to the GNU R language and environment
python-rpy2 (2.1.3-1)
Python interface to the GNU R language and environment (version 2)
python-rra (0.14-1)
Library for syncing with Windows Mobile devices (Python bindings)
python-rrdtool (1.4.3-1)
time-series data storage and display system (Python interface)
python-rsvg (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the RSVG library
python-rtai (3.8.1-2)
Real Time Application Interface (documentation)
python-rtfcomp (1.1-5)
Library to read compressed RTF files (Python bindings)
python-scientific (2.8-1.2)
Python modules useful for scientific computing
python-scikits-learn (0.4-3)
Python modules for machine learning and data mining
python-scikits-learn-lib (0.4-3)
low-level implementations and bindings for scikits-learn
python-scim (0.1.13~rc1-3)
Python language binding for SCIM
python-scipy (0.7.2+dfsg1-1)
scientific tools for Python
python-sciscipy (0.3.0-1)
A Python binding of Scilab
python-scitools (0.7-1)
Python library for scientific computing
python-sclapp (0.5.3-1)
framework for Python command-line applications
python-scrapy (0.8-3)
Python web scraping and crawling framework
python-scriptutil (1-1)
Python module which provides the functionality of find and grep
python-selinux (2.0.96-1)
Python bindings to SELinux shared libraries
python-semanage (2.0.45-1)
Python bindings for SELinux policy management
python-sendfile (1.2.4-1+b1)
Python interface to sendfile(2)
python-sepolgen (1.0.23-1)
A Python module used in SELinux policy generation
python-serial (2.3-1)
pyserial - module encapsulating access for the serial port
python-sesame (0.24-1)
Python wrapper for Sesame's REST HTTP API
python-setools (3.3.6.ds-7.2+b1)
SETools Python bindings
python-setproctitle (1.0.1-1)
A setproctitle implementation for Python
python-setupdocs (1.0.4-1)
setuptools plugin that automates building of docs from reST source
python-setuptools (0.6.14-4)
Python Distutils Enhancements (setuptools compatibility)
python-sfml (1.5-2)
Simple and Fast multimedia library - Python Bindings
python-shapely (1.2.1-2)
geometric objects, predicates, and operations
python-sidl (1.4.0.dfsg-8)
Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) Python runtime
python-silc (0.5-1)
Python bindings for SILC
python-simplejson (2.1.1-1)
simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
python-simpleparse (2.1.0a1-5)
A simple parser generator for Python
python-simpleparse-mxtexttools (2.1.0a1-5+b1)
A simple parser generator for Python - architecture dependent files
python-simpletal (4.1-6)
Simple TAL, TALES and METAL implementation
python-simpy (1.8-1)
python-based simulation package
python-simpy-gui (1.8-1)
python-based simulation package, GUI
python-sip (4.10.2-1)
Python/C++ bindings generator runtime library
python-sip-dev (4.10.2-1)
Python/C++ bindings generator development files
python-sip4 (4.10.2-1)
Python/C++ bindings generator runtime library (transitional package)
python-sip4-dev (4.10.2-1)
Python/C++ bindings generator development files (transitional package)
virtual package provided by python-sip-dev
python-skype ( [contrib]
Skype API wrapper for Python
python-slides (1.0.1-12.2)
Python-based Slide Maker
python-slimmer (0.1.30-1)
HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript optimizer
python-smartpm (1.3-1.3)
Python library of the Smart Package Manager
python-smbc (1.0.6-1)
Python bindings for the Samba client library
python-smbpasswd (1.0.1-1.2+b1)
This module can generate both LANMAN and NT password hashes
python-smbus (3.0.2-5)
Python bindings for Linux SMBus access through i2c-dev
python-snpp (1.1.1-1)
SNPP library for Python
python-soaplib (0.8.1-2)
Python library for writing and calling soap web services
python-soappy (0.12.0-4)
SOAP Support for Python
python-socksipy (1.0-1)
Python SOCKS client module
python-sourcecodegen (0.6.12-2)
A Python source-code generator based on the compiler.ast abstract syntax tree
python-soya (0.15~rc1-3)
high level 3D engine for Python
python-sparqlwrapper (1.4.1-1)
SPARQL endpoint interface to Python
python-sparse (1.1-1+b1)
Sparse linear algebra extension for Python
python-sparse-examples (1.1-1)
Sparse linear algebra extension for Python: documentation
python-speechd (0.7-6.1)
Python interface to Speech Dispatcher
python-spf (2.0.5-2+squeeze1)
sender policy framework (SPF) module for Python
python-sphinx (0.6.6-3+squeeze1)
tool for producing documentation for Python projects
python-sponge (0.3.1-1)
Sponge is a web framework built on top of CherryPy and Genshi
python-spread (1.5-1+b1)
simple Python wrapper module for the Spread toolkit
python-sprox (0.6.4-1)
Python library to generate web widgets from database schemas
python-sptest (0.2.1-2)
Python unittest module extension
python-sqlalchemy (0.6.3-3+squeeze1)
SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper for Python
python-sqlalchemy-ext (0.6.3-3+squeeze1)
SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper for Python - C extension
python-sqlite (1.0.1-7+b1)
python interface to SQLite 2
python-sqlitecachec (1.1.2-1+b1)
A fast metadata parser for YUM
python-sqlobject (0.12.4-2)
object relational manager providing an object interface to your database
python-sss (1.2.1-4+squeeze1)
Pam module for the System Security Services Daemon
python-statgrab (0.4-1.1+b2 [amd64, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.4-1.1+b1 [armel])
interface to the libstatgrab library for Python
python-stats (0.6-8)
A collection of statistical functions for Python
python-stdeb (0.6.0-1)
Python to Debian source package conversion utility
python-stemmer (1.1.0+dfsg-1)
Python bindings for libstemmer - snowball stemming algorithms
python-stepic (0.3-3)
Python Steganography in Images
python-stfl (0.21-2+b1)
python bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library
python-stompy (0.2.5-1)
Implementation of the STOMP protocol in Python
python-strongwind (0.9-1)
A GUI test automation framework
python-subnettree (0.12-4)
Python Module for CIDR Lookups
python-subunit (0.0.6-1)
unit testing protocol - Python bindings to generate and consume Subunit streams
python-subversion (1.6.12dfsg-7)
Python bindings for Subversion
python-subvertpy (0.7.3-1)
Alternative Python bindings for Subversion
python-suds (0.3.9-1+deb6u2)
Lightweight SOAP client for Python
python-sugar-0.84 (0.84.2-1)
Sugar graphical shell - core functionality
python-sugar-0.86 (0.86.0-4)
Sugar graphical shell - core functionality
python-sugar-0.88 (0.88.0-2)
Sugar graphical shell - core functionality
python-sugar-toolkit-0.84 (0.84.11-1)
Sugar graphical shell - core widgets
python-sugar-toolkit-0.86 (0.86.2-6)
Sugar graphical shell - core widgets
python-sugar-toolkit-0.88 (0.88.1-2)
Sugar graphical shell - core widgets
python-support (1.0.10)
automated rebuilding support for Python modules
python-swap (1.2.1-4.1)
Semantic Web Area for Play
python-swiginac (
Python interface to GiNaC
python-syfi0 (0.6.1.dfsg-1+b1)
Python interface for SyFi
python-symeig (1.5-2)
Symmetrical eigenvalue routines for NumPy
python-sympy (0.6.7-1.1)
Computer Algebra System (CAS) in Python
python-tables (2.1.2-3.1)
hierarchical database for Python based on HDF5
python-tagpy (0.94.7-2)
Python module for manipulating tags in music files
python-tau (2.16.4-1.4)
Tuning and Analysis Utilities - support for python bindings
python-tcpwrap (0.2-2.1+b2 [amd64, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.2-2.1+b1 [armel, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
python interface for libwrap0 (TCP wrappers)
python-tdb (1.2.1-2+b1)
Python bindings for TDB
python-tegaki (0.3.1-1)
core Python module of Tegaki
python-tegaki-gtk (0.3.1-1)
GTK+ widget Python model for Tegaki
python-tegakitools (0.3.1-1)
command-line tools for Tegaki
python-telepathy (0.15.17-1)
Python language bindings for telepathy
python-tempita (0.4-1)
very small text templating language
python-testrepository (0.0.3-1)
Database of test results - python library
python-testresources (0.2.4-1)
PyUnit extension for managing expensive test fixtures
python-testscenarios (0.2-1)
Dependency injection for Python unittest tests
python-testtools (0.9.4-1)
Extensions to the Python unittest library
python-textile (1:2.1.4-1)
Python parser for the Textile markup
python-tftpy (0.5.0-1)
A Pure-Python library for TFTP
python-tg.devtools (2.0.2-1)
developer tools for the TurboGears web framework
python-tgext.admin (0.2.6-1)
user management controller add-on for TurboGears
python-tgmochikit (1.4.2-2)
The MochiKit JavaScript library as a TurboGears widget
python-tk (2.6.6-1)
Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Python
python-tksnack (2.2.10-dfsg1-9+squeeze1)
Sound extension to Tcl/Tk and Python/Tkinter - Python library
python-tofu (0.5-5)
high-level network game engine for Python
python-tomoe (0.6.0-1.1)
Handwriting recognition engine (python binding)
python-tornado (1.0.1-1)
scalable, non-blocking web server and tools
python-toscawidgets (
Python framework for building reusable web components
python-totem-plparser (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the Totem playlist parser library
python-tp-client (0.3.2-2)
Thousand Parsec Python client library
python-tp-netlib (0.2.5-3)
Thousand Parsec Python protocol library
python-tpfarsight (0.0.14-2+b1)
Glue library between telepathy and farsight2 (python bindings)
python-tracer (0.2.3-1)
Centralized trace management using sys.settrace
python-traits (3.4.0-2)
Manifest typing and reactive programming for Python
python-traitsbackendqt (3.4.0-1)
PyQt backend for Traits and TraitsGUI (Pyface)
python-traitsbackendwx (3.4.0-1)
WxPython backend for Traits and TraitsGUI (Pyface)
python-traitsgui (3.4.0-1)
Traits-capable windowing framework
python-transaction (1.0.0-4)
Transaction management for Python
python-transmissionrpc (0.4-1)
Transmission RPC client module for Python
python-trml2pdf (1.2-2)
Converter of Report Markup Language (RML) file to PDF
python-tunepimp (0.5.3-7.3)
Python bindings for MusicBrainz tagging library
python-turbogears (1.1.1-1)
Python-based web framework
python-turbogears2 (2.0.3-2)
Python web application framework
python-turbojson (1.2.1-4)
Plugin to use JSON templates in Python templating engines
python-turbokid (1.0.5-1)
TurboGears template plugin to use kid templates
python-turbomail (3.0.3-1)
multi-threaded mail queue manager for TurboGears applications
python-twill (0.9-2)
A simple scripting language for Web browsing
python-twisted (10.1.0-3)
Event-based framework for internet applications (transitional package)
python-twisted-bin (10.1.0-3)
Event-based framework for internet applications
python-twisted-calendarserver (8.2.0.svn27622-2)
Twisted components for Apple's Calendarserver
python-twisted-conch (1:10.1.0-1)
The Twisted SSH Implementation
python-twisted-core (10.1.0-3)
Event-based framework for internet applications
python-twisted-lore (10.1.0-1)
Documentation generator with HTML and LaTeX support
python-twisted-mail (10.1.0-1)
An SMTP, IMAP and POP protocol implementation
python-twisted-names (10.1.0-1)
A DNS protocol implementation with client and server
python-twisted-news (10.1.0-1)
An NNTP protocol implementation with client and server
python-twisted-runner (10.1.0-2)
Process management, including an inetd server
python-twisted-snmp (0.3.13-5)
SNMP implementation for the Twisted networking framework
python-twisted-web (10.1.0-1)
An HTTP protocol implementation together with clients and servers
python-twisted-web2 (8.1.0-2)
An HTTP/1.1 Server Framework
python-twisted-words (10.1.0-1)
Chat and Instant Messaging
python-twyt (0.9.2-1)
interface to Twitter API functions for Python
python-tz (2010b-1)
Python version of the Olson timezone database
python-ufc (1.4.1-1)
unified code generation interface for form-compilers
python-ufl (0.5.3-1)
unified language for form-compilers
python-unac (1.7.0-1+b1)
Library to remove accents from string or character
python-uncertainities (0.002-4.1)
Python module for working with uncertain numbers
python-uncertainties (1.5.5-1)
Python module for calculations with uncertainties
python-uniconvertor (1.1.4-1+b2 [armel, ia64], 1.1.4-1+b1 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Universal vector graphics translator
python-unit (1.4.1-16)
unit test framework for Python
python-unittest2 (0.5.1-1)
backport of the enhanced unittest testing framework in Python 2.7
python-uno (1:3.2.1-11+squeeze8)
Python-UNO bridge
python-urlgrabber (3.9.1-4)
A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber
python-urwid (
curses-based UI/widget library for Python
python-usb (0.4.2-2+b2 [armel, ia64], 0.4.2-2+b1 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
USB interface for Python
python-utidylib (0.2-6)
Python wrapper for TidyLib
python-utmp (0.8+nmu1)
python module for working with utmp
python-van.pydeb (1.3.1-1)
introspection of Python metadata and conversion to Debian package metadata
python-vatnumber (1:0.7-1)
Python module to validate VAT numbers
python-vigra (1.7.0+dfsg-7)
Python bindings for the C++ computer vision library
python-viper (0.4.6-1)
minimalistic scientific plotter and run-time visualization module
python-vipscc (7.20.7-1+b3)
image processing system good for very large images (tools)
python-virtualenv (1.4.9-3squeeze1)
Python virtual environment creator
python-visual (1:5.12-1.1+b2)
VPython 3D scientific visualization library
python-vobject (0.8.1c-3)
parse iCalendar and VCards in Python
python-vte (1:0.24.3-4)
Python bindings for the VTE widget set
python-vtk (5.4.2-8)
Python bindings for VTK
python-vtkgdcm (2.0.16-2)
Grassroots DICOM VTK/Python bindings
python-wadllib (1.1.4-2)
Python library for navigating WADL files
python-webdav (0.9.4-1+squeeze1)
WebDAV server implementation in Python
python-weberror (0.10.2-1)
Python web error handling and exception catching module
python-webflash (0.1a9-3)
Portable flash messages for Python WSGI applications
python-webhelpers (1.1-1)
library of helper functions to make writing web application templates easier
python-webkit (1.1.7-1+b1)
WebKit/Gtk Python bindings
python-webkit-dev (1.1.7-1)
WebKit/Gtk Python bindings: development files
python-weblib (1.3.5-1)
Yet another web programming framework for Python - library
python-webob (0.9.8-1)
Python module providing WSGI request and response objects
python-webpy (1:0.34-2)
Web framework for Python applications
python-webtest (1.2.1+hg20100419-1)
wraps any WSGI application and makes it easy to test
python-webunit (1:1.3.10-1)
Unit testing for web apps with code that acts like a web browser.
python-webut (0.2)
Miscellaneous utilities for nevow and twisted.web{,2} programming
python-werkzeug (0.6.2-1)
collection of utilities for WSGI applications
python-whisper (0.9.6-1)
database engine for fast, reliable fixed-sized databases
python-whoosh (0.3.18-1)
pure-Python full-text indexing, search, and spell checking library
python-wicd (1.7.0+ds1-5+squeeze3)
wired and wireless network manager - Python module
python-wit (2.1-3)
wikitext translation library
python-wnck (2.30.0-4)
Python bindings for the WNCK library
python-wokkel (0.6.3-1)
collection of enhancements for Twisted
python-wordaxe (0.3.2-1)
German language (and other) hyphenation algorithms
python-wxglade (0.6.3+rel-4)
GUI designer written in Python with wxPython
python-wxgtk2.6 (
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython binding)
python-wxgtk2.8 (
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython binding)
python-wxtools (
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython common files)
python-wxversion (
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython version selector)
python-xapian (1.2.3-3)
Xapian search engine interface for Python
python-xappy (0.5-4)
easy-to-use interface to the Xapian search engine
python-xattr (0.4-5+squeeze1)
module for manipulating filesystem extended attributes
python-xcbgen (1.6-2)
X C Binding - protocol binding generator
python-xdelta3 (0y.dfsg-1)
Xdelta3 python module
python-xdg (0.19-2)
Python library to access standards
python-xklavier (0.3-1)
Python binding for libxklavier, a X Keyboard Extension API
python-xlib (0.14+20091101-1)
Interface for Python to the X11 Protocol
python-xlrd (0.6.1-2)
extract data from MS Excel spreadsheet files
python-xlwt (0.7.2-2)
module for reading/writing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files
python-xmltv (1.3-1)
allows Python applications to access XMLTV data
python-xmmsclient (0.7DrNo+dfsg-2)
XMMS2 - Python bindings
python-xmpp (0.4.1-cvs20080505.2)
Python library for communication with XMPP (Jabber) servers
python-xpcom (1:0.0~hg20100212-5)
XPCOM bindings for Python
python-xpyb (1.2-2)
Python bindings to XCB
python-yahoo (3.1-1.1)
Python module for the Yahoo Search Web Service
python-yaml (3.09-5)
YAML parser and emitter for Python
python-yappy (1.9.4-1)
Yet Another Parser Generator for Python
python-zbar (0.10+doc-4)
bar code scanner and decoder (Python bindings)
python-zbarpygtk (0.10+doc-4)
bar code scanner and decoder (PyGTK bindings)
python-zc.lockfile (1.0.0-4)
Basic inter-process locks
python-zconfig (2.7.1-4)
Structured Configuration Library
python-zeroc-ice (3.3.1-12)
Ice for Python libraries
python-zhpy (
the Python language with Chinese
python-zinnia (0.06-1)
Python binding for the zinnia library
python-zodb (1:3.9.4-1.1)
Set of tools for using the Zope Object Database (ZODB)
python-zope.authentication (3.7.0-4)
Definition of authentication basics for the Zope Framework
python-zope.browser (1.2-4)
Shared Zope Toolkit browser components
python-zope.cachedescriptors (3.5.0-4)
Method and property caching decorators
python-zope.component (3.9.1-1)
Zope Component Architecture
python-zope.component-zcml (3.9.1-1)
Metapackage for zope.component zcml extra
python-zope.configuration (3.7.1-1)
Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML)
python-zope.dottedname (3.4.6-3)
Resolver for Python dotted names
python-zope.event (3.4.1-6)
Very basic event publishing system
python-zope.exceptions (3.5.2-6)
Zope exceptions
python-zope.hookable (3.4.1-6)
Hookable object support
python-zope.i18nmessageid (3.5.0-4+b1)
Zope 3 i18n Message Identifier
python-zope.location (3.8.2-1)
Tools for working with object locations
python-zope.proxy (3.5.0-5+b1)
Generic transparent proxies for Python
python-zope.publisher (3.11.0-1)
The Zope publisher publishes Python objects on the web
python-zope.schema (3.6.1-1)
zope.interface extension for defining data schemas (3.7.2-1+b1)
Zope3 Security Architecture
python-zope.sqlalchemy (0.4-7)
Minimal Zope/SQLAlchemy transaction integration
python-zope.testbrowser (3.5.1-5)
Programmable browser for functional black-box tests
python-zope.testing (3.8.3-4)
The zope testing framework, including the testrunner script
python-zsi (2.1~a1-3)
Zolera Soap Infrastructure
python2.5 (2.5.5-11)
An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.5)
python2.5-dev (2.5.5-11)
Header files and a static library for Python (v2.5)
python2.5-examples (2.5.5-11)
Examples for the Python language (v2.5)
python2.5-minimal (2.5.5-11)
A minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.5)
python2.6 (2.6.6-8+b1)
An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.6)
python2.6-dev (2.6.6-8+b1)
Header files and a static library for Python (v2.6)
python2.6-examples (2.6.6-8)
Examples for the Python language (v2.6)
python2.6-minimal (2.6.6-8+b1)
A minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.6)
python3 (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version)
python3-all (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
package depending on all supported Python runtime versions
python3-all-dev (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
package depending on all supported Python development packages
python3-apt (
Python 3 interface to libapt-pkg
python3-beaker (1.5.4-4+squeeze1)
cache and session library for Python 3
python3-bsddb3 (4.8.3-3)
Python interface for Berkeley DB (Python 3.x)
python3-cxx (6.2.0-4)
A Set of facilities to extend Python3 with C++
python3-cxx-dev (6.2.0-4)
A Set of facilities to extend Python3 with C++
python3-dev (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
header files and a static library for Python (default)
python3-examples (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
examples for the Python language (default version)
python3-gdbm (3.1.3-1)
GNU dbm database support for Python 3.x
python3-gearman.libgearman (0.13.2-2+b1)
Python 3 wrapper of libgearman
python3-httplib2 (0.6.0-4)
comprehensive HTTP client library written for Python3
python3-ipaddr (2.1.5-1)
Python3 module for working with IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6
python3-jinja2 (2.5.5-1)
small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
python3-lxml (2.2.8-2)
pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
python3-mako (0.3.4-5)
fast and lightweight templating for the Python 3 platform
python3-markupsafe (0.9.2-3)
XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python3
python3-minimal (3.1.3-12+squeeze1)
minimal subset of the Python language (default python3 version)
python3-pkg-resources (0.6.14-4)
Package Discovery and Resource Access using pkg_resources
python3-profiler (3.1.3-1) [non-free]
deterministic profiling of any Python programs (Python 3.x)
python3-setuptools (0.6.14-4)
Python3 Distutils Enhancements (setuptools compatibility)
python3-sqlalchemy (0.6.3-3+squeeze1)
SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper for Python 3
python3-tk (3.1.3-1)
Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Python 3.x
python3-yaml (3.09-5)
YAML parser and emitter for Python3
python3.1 (3.1.3-1)
An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.1)
python3.1-dev (3.1.3-1)
Header files and a static library for Python (v3.1)
python3.1-examples (3.1.3-1)
Examples for the Python language (v3.1)
python3.1-minimal (3.1.3-1)
A minimal subset of the Python language (version 3.1)
quantlib-python (1.0.0-1+b1)
Python bindings for the Quantlib Quantitative Finance library
reinteract (0.5.0-3)
Worksheet-based graphical Python shell
snakefood (1.4-1)
Python dependency grapher
snimpy (0.5-1)
interactive SNMP tool with Python
spe (0.8.4.h-2)
Stani's Python Editor
spf-tools-python (2.0.5-2+squeeze1)
sender policy framework (SPF) tools for Python
system-config-printer (1.2.3-3)
graphical interface to configure the printing system
tegaki-train (0.3.1-1)
train tegaki with your own handwriting
testrepository (0.0.3-1)
Test result manager
trac-accountmanager (0.2.1+r7731-1)
account management plugin for Trac
trac-authopenid (0.2.4-1)
OpenID authentication plugin for Trac
trac-git (0.0.20100513-2)
Git version control backend for Trac
trac-graphviz (0.7.5-1)
Graphs printing plugin for Trac
trac-icalviewplugin (0.7889-1)
Provides iCalendar feeds for ticket queries
trac-mercurial (
Mercurial version control backend for Trac
trac-spamfilter (0.2.1+svn6871-3)
Spam-prevention plugin for Trac
trac-wikirename (2.1.1-1)
trac plugin which allows to rename wiki pages
trac-wikitablemacro (0.7785-1)
Table from an arbitrary SQL for Trac
translate-toolkit (1.7.0-0.1)
Toolkit assisting in the localization of software
tryton-client (1.6.1-1+deb6u1)
Tryton Application Platform (Client)
tryton-modules-account (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-account-be (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module for Belgium)
tryton-modules-account-de-skr03 (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module for Germany)
tryton-modules-account-invoice (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-account-invoice-history (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-account-invoice-line-standalone (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-account-product (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-account-statement (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-all (12)
Tryton Application Platform (modules metapackage)
tryton-modules-analytic-account (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-analytic-invoice (1:1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-analytic-purchase (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-analytic-sale (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Financial and Accounting Module)
tryton-modules-calendar (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Module)
tryton-modules-calendar-classification (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Classification Module)
tryton-modules-calendar-scheduling (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Scheduling Module)
tryton-modules-calendar-todo (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Todo Module)
tryton-modules-company (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Company Module)
tryton-modules-company-work-time (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Company Work Time Module)
tryton-modules-country (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Country Module)
tryton-modules-currency (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Currency Module)
tryton-modules-dashboard (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Dashboard Module)
tryton-modules-google-maps (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Google Maps Module)
tryton-modules-google-translate (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Google Translate Module)
tryton-modules-ldap-authentication (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Authentication Module)
tryton-modules-ldap-connection (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Connection Module)
tryton-modules-party (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Party Module)
tryton-modules-party-siret (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Party SIRET/SIREN Module)
tryton-modules-party-vcarddav (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Party CardDAV Module)
tryton-modules-product (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Product Module)
tryton-modules-product-cost-fifo (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost FIFO Module)
tryton-modules-product-cost-history (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost History Module)
tryton-modules-product-price-list (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Product Price List Module)
tryton-modules-project (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Project Module)
tryton-modules-project-plan (1.6.0-2)
Tryton Application Platform (Project Plan Module)
tryton-modules-project-revenue (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Project Revenue Module)
tryton-modules-purchase (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Module)
tryton-modules-purchase-invoice-line-standalone (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Module)
tryton-modules-sale (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Sale Module)
tryton-modules-sale-price-list (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Sale Price List Module)
tryton-modules-stock (1.6.1-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Module)
tryton-modules-stock-forecast (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Forecast Module)
tryton-modules-stock-inventory-location (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Inventory Location Module)
tryton-modules-stock-location-sequence (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Location Sequence Module)
tryton-modules-stock-product-location (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Product Location Module)
tryton-modules-stock-supply (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Module)
tryton-modules-stock-supply-day (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Day Module)
tryton-modules-timesheet (1.6.0-1)
Tryton Application Platform (Timesheet Module)
tryton-neso (1.6.0-2)
Tryton Application Platform (Standalone Client/Server)
tryton-server (1.6.1-2+squeeze1)
Tryton Application Platform (Server)
virtaal (0.6.1-0.1)
graphical localisation editor
virtualenvwrapper (2.2.2-2)
extension to virtualenv for managing multiple virtual Python environments
wapiti (1.1.6-3)
Web application vulnerability scanner
winpdb (1.4.6-2)
Platform independent Python debugger
yapps2 (2.1.1-17.2)
Yet Another Python Parser System
yapps2-runtime (2.1.1-17.2)
Yet Another Python Parser System