Software Packages in "squeeze", Subsection zope

python-zc.buildout (1.4.3-1)
system for managing development buildouts
python-zdaemon (2.0.4-3)
daemon process control library and tools for Unix-based systems
python-zope.contenttype (3.5.0-1)
Utility module for content-type handling
python-zope.copy (3.5.0-4)
Pluggable object copying mechanism
python-zope.i18n (3.7.2-1)
Zope3 Internationalization Support
python-zope.interface (3.5.3-1+b1)
Interfaces for Python
python-zope.sendmail (3.6.0-1)
Mail sending library for zope
python-zope.traversing (3.8.0-3)
Resolving paths in the object hierarchy
zope-common (0.5.50)
common settings and scripts for Zope installations
zope-debhelper (0.3.14)
debhelper script for zope packaging