Software Packages in "squeeze-backports", Subsection web

dacs (1.4.27b-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
Distributed Access Control System (DACS)
dacs-examples (1.4.27b-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
Distributed Access Control System (DACS) - example web root
drupal6 (6.26-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
fully-featured content management framework
drupal7 (7.14-2+deb7u7~bpo60+1) [backports]
fully-featured content management framework
fex (20121107-1~bpo60+1) [non-free] [backports]
web service for transferring very large files
fex-utils (20121107-1~bpo60+1) [non-free] [backports]
web service for transferring very large files (utils)
florence (0.5.0-3~bpo60+1) [backports]
extensible and scalable virtual keyboard for GNOME
iceape (2.7.12-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
The Iceape Internet Suite
iceape-browser (2.7.12-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
Transitional package to iceape
virtual package provided by iceape
iceweasel (10.0.12esr-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
navigateur web basé sur Firefox
ikiwiki (3.20120629~bpo60+1) [backports]
a wiki compiler
libfpdf-tpl-php (1.2-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
PHP library to use PDF templates with FPDF
libfpdi-php (1.4.1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
PHP library for importing existing PDF documents into FPDF
libjs-jquery (1.7.2+dfsg-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
JavaScript library for dynamic web applications
libjs-jquery-cookie (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery cookie plugin
libjs-jquery-easing (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Easing Plugin
libjs-jquery-event-drag (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Event Drag
libjs-jquery-event-drop (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Event Drop
libjs-jquery-fancybox (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
fancy lightbox alternative
libjs-jquery-form (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Form Plugin
libjs-jquery-galleriffic (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Galleriffic plugin
libjs-jquery-history (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery history plugin
libjs-jquery-jfeed (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery RSS/Atom feed parser plugin
libjs-jquery-jush (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Syntax Highlighter
libjs-jquery-livequery (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Live Query
libjs-jquery-meiomask (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery mask plugin
libjs-jquery-metadata (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery plugin for parsing metadata from elements
libjs-jquery-mousewheel (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Mousewheel Plugin
libjs-jquery-opacityrollover (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Opacity Rollover plugin
libjs-jquery-tablesorter (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
Flexible client-side table sorting
libjs-jquery-tipsy (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery Facebook-style tooltip plugin
libjs-jquery-treetable (4-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
jQuery treeTable Plugin
libjs-mathjax (1.1-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
open-source JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML
libjs-sphinxdoc (1.0.8+dfsg-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
JavaScript support for Sphinx documentation
libjs-swfobject (2.2+dfsg-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
tool to embed Flash content into webpages
libjs-underscore (1.1.6-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
JavaScript's functional programming helper library
libreoffice-script-provider-js (1:3.5.4+dfsg-3~bpo60+2) [backports]
JavaScript script support provider for LibreOffice scripting framework
python-tornado (2.3-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
scalable, non-blocking web server and tools
redmine (1.1.2-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
flexible project management web application
redmine-mysql (1.1.2-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
metapackage providing MySQL dependencies for Redmine
redmine-pgsql (1.1.2-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
metapackage providing PostgreSQL dependencies for Redmine
redmine-sqlite (1.1.2-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
metapackage providing sqlite dependencies for Redmine
roundcube (0.7.2-9~bpo60+1) [backports]
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - metapackage
roundcube-core (0.7.2-9~bpo60+1) [backports]
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers
roundcube-mysql (0.7.2-9~bpo60+1) [backports]
metapackage providing MySQL dependencies for RoundCube
roundcube-pgsql (0.7.2-9~bpo60+1) [backports]
metapackage providing PostgreSQL dependencies for RoundCube
roundcube-plugins (0.7.2-9~bpo60+1) [backports]
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - plugins
roundcube-plugins-extra (0.7-20120110~bpo60+1) [backports]
skinnable AJAX based webmail solution - extra plugins
roundcube-sqlite (0.7.2-9~bpo60+1) [backports]
metapackage providing sqlite dependencies for RoundCube
sarg (2.3.1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
Générateur de rapport d'analyses pour Squid
simpleid (0.8.1-13~bpo60+1) [backports]
simple OpenID provider implemented in PHP
tinymce ( [backports]
platform independent web based Javascript/HTML WYSIWYG editor
trac (0.12.2-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects
typo3 (4.5.14+dfsg1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
web content management system (meta)
typo3-database (4.5.14+dfsg1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
web content management system (database)
typo3-dummy (4.5.14+dfsg1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
web content management system (basic site structure)
typo3-src-4.5 (4.5.14+dfsg1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
web content management system (core)
varnish (3.0.2-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
state of the art, high-performance web accelerator
webauth-tests (4.1.1-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
Tests for the WebAuth authentication modules
webauth-utils (4.1.1-2~bpo60+1 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390], 4.0.1-1~bpo60+1 [sparc]) [backports]
Command-line utilities for WebAuth authentication
webauth-weblogin (4.1.1-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
Central login server for WebAuth authentication
xapian-omega (1.2.12-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
CGI search interface and indexers using Xapian
xul-ext-adblock-plus (2.1-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
Advertisement blocking extension for web browsers
xul-ext-sieve (0.1.11-1~bpo60+1) [backports]
Extension that implements the ManageSieve protocol
youtube-dl (2012.01.05-2~bpo60+1) [backports]
downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites