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Paketti: libonemind-commons-java-java (1.5.5-4)

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common java library used to support other developments

The OneMind commons-java library contains java utilities and mini-frameworks that are created to support other developments. It contains the following packages:

  * org.onemind.commons.java.criterion - for representing logical constraints
  * org.onemind.commons.java.datastructure - some datastructure classes
  * org.onemind.commons.java.event - event/event firer interface and a simple
    listener list implementation
  * org.onemind.commons.java.html.css - css attribute constants for css
    related programming, and a simple css generation framework
  * org.onemind.commons.java.io - FileUtils
  * org.onemind.commons.java.lang - Null, Enum, ConfigurationException and
  * org.onemind.commons.java.servlet - ServletUtils
  * org.onemind.commons.java.sql - sql metadata representation, sql type
    mapper and utils
  * org.onemind.commons.java.util - more utilities classes
  * org.onemind.commons.java.xml - utilities for xml parsing

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