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simple and fast distributed key-value store

Kumofs is a simple and fast distributed key-value store which can use a memcached client library to get, set, delete, or compare-and-swap values. Tokyo Cabinet serves as a high-performance back-end.

Main features of kumofs:

 * data is partitioned and replicated over multiple servers;
 * performance on single node systems is comparable with memcached;
 * read and write performance improve when servers are added;
 * servers can be added, restarted, or removed on the fly with no
   configuration change;
 * automatic rebalancing is supported via a consistency control
 * it provides a safe Compare-And-Swap operation;
 * the memcached protocol is supported.

Kumofs is used at Nico-Nico Douga, the most popular video sharing service in Japan.

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