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Paketti: libroar-dev (1.0~beta2-3)

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header files and documentation for the RoarAudio libraries

RoarAudio is a server for audio mixing. Its main purpose is to mix audio from different clients before sending it to its outputs (for example a soundcard). It is completely network transparent (UNIX sockets, TCP/IP, DECnet) and supports many common codecs like Ogg Vorbis, Speex or FLAC.

This packet consists of the following libraries: libroar: The RoarAudio main library. It contains code for talking to roard, virtual IO functions useful not only for audio applications, memory management functions like buffers, lists, stacks.

libroardsp: Digital Signal Processing library. It contains code to work with PCM signals including simple filters, converters and code to work with some (realtime) codecs.

libroareio: This is the RoarAudio Extended IO library. It contains code for talking to extended IO. Currently it contains code to talk to soundcards without roard. This is not meant to be used by other applications directly.

libroarlight: Light Control support library. It contains code to support the usage of the light control subsystem.

libroarmidi: MIDI subsystem support library. It contains code to support the usage of the MIDI subsystem.

This package contains the development headers for the libroar library.

Tagit: Software Development: Kirjastot, Role: Development Library

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