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Paketti: libdnet (2.60)

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DECnet Libraries

This package contains the libraries necessary for a functioning DECnet system. Most DECnet programs require these libraries to be present on the system. The libraries are: libdnet - the basic DECnet API as featured on Ultrix(R) systems libdnet_daemon - useful calls for writing DECnet daemons libdap - DAP (Data Access Protocol) C++ classes librms - High level library for programmatic access VMS files

                 from Linux.

To do useful work with DECnet you will also need the dnet-common package.

If you're looking for libdnet, the "dumb" networking library from libdnet.sf.net by Dug Song then you should install libdumbnet instead. Sorry for any confusion caused!

Tagit: Software Development: Kirjastot, Implemented in: C, implemented-in::c++, network::service, Network Protocol: Need an extra tag, Role: Shared Library

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