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protocol definitions for the Linux layer 7 packet classifier

l7-protocols provides patterns (protocol definitions) for the Linux layer 7 packet classifier (l7-filter). To use them, you need the kernel and iptables patches or the l7-filter userspace version (l7-filter-userspace).

Tagit: User Interface: Daemon, Electronic Mail: Filters, Networking: Client, network::firewall, network::service, Network Protocol: BitTorrent, protocol::dns, protocol::finger, FTP, Gopher, protocol::http, protocol::ident, IMAP, IPv6, protocol::irc, protocol::jabber, Kerberos, LDAP, protocol::lpr, protocol::msn-messenger, NNTP, protocol::pop3, protocol::sftp, SMB, SMTP, protocol::snmp, protocol::ssh, SSL/TLS, Telnet, protocol::tftp, protocol::voip, Yahoo! Messenger, Role: role::app-data, role::program, Purpose: Scanning, Synchronisation, use::transmission, works-with::mail, Works with: People

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