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Paketti: libcwnn-dev (1.1.1~a021+cvs20100325-6)

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Header files and static library for cWnn (FreeWnn cserver)

FreeWnn cserver (cWnn) is an integrated Chinese input system running on Unix workstation. It supports a wide range of input methods, satisfying the needs of the Chinese users from all over the world, including P.R.China and Taiwan. FreeWnn cserver is capable of carrying out Hanzi conversion from an arbitrary Pinyin or Zhuyin sequence, hence improving the speed of Pinyin/Zhuyin input.

This package contains the header files and the static library for cWnn. Install this package if you wish to develop your own cWnn client programs.

Tagit: Accessibility Support: Input Systems, Culture: kiina, culture::taiwanese, devel::library, Role: Development Library

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