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Paketti: kcemu-common (0.5.1+dfsg-5) [contrib]

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KC 85/4 emulator - common files

KCemu is an emulator for the KC85 homecomputer series and other Z80 based microcomputers like Z1013, LC80, Polycomputer 880 and BIC A5105. The emulation supports a number of additional hardware, e.g. floppy disk drives and extended graphic modules.

This package contains files common to all architectures.

The Debian package does not contain the ROM images required to run the emulated machines. Please refer to the README.Debian file for more.

Some alternate keywords for the above: KC85, KC87, LC80, Z1013, A5105, Polycomputer 880

For original programs and general information about the emulated computer systems have a look at http://www.kc-club.de/ and http://www.kc85emu.de/.

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