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Paketti: db4.7-util (4.7.25-21)

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Berkeley v4.7 Database Utilities

This package provides different tools for manipulating databases in the Berkeley v4.7 database format, and includes:

 - db4.7_archive: write the pathnames of the log files no longer in use.
 - db4.7_checkpoint: daemon process to monitor the database log and
   checkpoint it periodically.
 - db4.7_deadlock: traverse the database environment lock region and
   abort lock requests when a deadlock is detected.
 - db4.7_load: loads (and creates) a database from standard input.
 - db4.7_dump: read a database file and write it in a format understood
   by db4.{2..7}_load.
 - db4.7_printlog: dump log files in human readable format.
 - db4.7_stat: display statistics for Berkeley DB environments.
 - db4.7_upgrade: upgrades the version of files and the databases they
 - db4.7_verify: check the structure of files and their databases.

Tagit: Role: Program, Works with: Databases

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