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Paketti: flatzinc (3.7.3-1)

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constraint problem modelling language

FlatZinc is a low-level modelling language for constraint problems. It is designed to be easily interfaceable to constraint solvers (like Gecode). For more information on FlatZinc, please refer to the MiniZinc pages of the G12 project <http://www.g12.cs.mu.oz.au/minizinc/>.

We provide a parser that reads a FlatZinc model from a file, and returns a Gecode Space object that represents the model. We also provide a simple front-end, an executable program that reads a FlatZinc model and prints the solution (if any) on the standard output.

The FlatZinc interpreter that ships with Gecode version 3.7.1 supports the FlatZinc language and MiniZinc global constraint definitions of MiniZinc version 1.4.0.

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