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Paketti: cldump (0.11~dfsg-1)

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Clarion database files extractor

The cldump utility allows you to extract the content of a Clarion database; Clarion is a Windows IDE similar to Delphi and others, and has its own (simple) database format.

cldump can export the content of the database to CSV or SQL, plus its own "format" which dumps all the meta data along with the data contained in the database. When using the SQL output, you'll get a nearly ready-to-go dump of the database that will create the table and the indexes and insert the data into the table.

Note that cldump doesn't support all the datatypes yet; patches welcome.

You may be interested in the dbview package too, which can dump dBase files.

Tagit: Software Development: SQL, User Interface: Command Line, Role: Program, Scope: scope::utility, use::converting, Works with: Databases

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