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Paketti: autoproject (0.20-5)

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create a skeleton source package for a new program

autoproject interviews the user, then creates a source package for a new program which follows the GNU programming standards. The new package uses autoconf to configure itself, and automake to create the Makefile. `make distcheck' succeeds.

The idea is that you execute autoproject just once when you start a new project. It will ask a few questions, then create a new directory and populate it with standard files, customized for the new project.

Optionally, the new package will use a command line parser generator. Currently, autoproject supports two parser generators: clig by Harald Kirsch <kir@iitb.fhg.de> (see http://wsd.iitb.fhg.de/software/), and autogen by Bruce Korb <bkorb@gnu.org> (see http://autogen.sourceforge.net/).

Tagit: Software Development: Build Tool, Code Generation, devel::docsystem, devel::lang:c, Kirjastot, Implemented in: implemented-in::c, interface::commandline, Role: Development Library, role::program, role::shared-lib, Scope: Utility, Application Suite: suite::gnu, works-with::software:source, Works with: Text

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