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Paketti: tkdesk (2.0-9.2 ja muut)

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Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager

TkDesk is a graphical file manager for Unix (esp. Linux) and the X Window System.

Compared with other file managers available, it offers the most complete set of file operations and services, plus gives the user the ability to configure most every aspect of TkDesk in a powerful way.

TkDesk has been influenced by various other systems and file managers, such as NeXT, for laying out the file browser windows, Apple Finder, for the idea of file annotations and, shock horror, Windows 95, for some other inspirations.

Tagit: Implemented in: Tcl, Tool Command Language, User Interface: Graphical User Interface, interface::x11, role::program, Scope: Application, Interface Toolkit: Tk, Purpose: use::browsing, use::organizing, Works with: Tiedostot, X Window System: Application

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Imurointi kaikille saataville arkkitehtuureille
Arkkitehtuuri Versio Paketin koko Koko asennettuna Tiedostot
amd64 2.0-9.2+b3 486.5 kt2,459.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
arm64 2.0-9.2+b3 483.0 kt2,455.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
armel 2.0-9.2+b3 483.8 kt2,453.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
armhf 2.0-9.2+b3 482.6 kt2,433.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
i386 2.0-9.2+b3 488.1 kt2,461.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mips 2.0-9.2+b3 485.4 kt2,462.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mips64el 2.0-9.2+b3 486.0 kt2,467.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mipsel 2.0-9.2+b3 485.7 kt2,462.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
ppc64el 2.0-9.2+b3 484.6 kt2,527.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
s390x 2.0-9.2+b3 485.6 kt2,467.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]