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Paketti: recoll (1.22.4-1)

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Personal full text search package with a Qt GUI

This package is a personal full text search package is based on a very strong backend (Xapian), for which it provides an easy to use and feature-rich interface.


 * Qt-based GUI
 * Supports the following document types (and their compressed versions)
  - Natively: text, html, OpenOffice files, maildir and mailbox (Mozilla and
    IceDove mail) with attachments, pidgin log files
  - With external helpers:  pdf (pdftotext), postscript (ghostscript), msword
    (antiword), excel, ppt (catdoc), rtf (unrtf)
 * Powerful query facilities, with boolean searches, phrases, filter on file
   types and directory tree
 * Support for multiple charsets, Internal processing and storage uses Unicode
 * Stemming performed at query time (can switch stemming language after
 * Easy installation. No database daemon, web server or exotic language
 * An indexer which runs either as a thread inside the GUI or as an external,
   cron'able program

Tagit: Implemented in: C++, User Interface: Graphical User Interface, interface::x11, role::program, Scope: Application, Interface Toolkit: Qt, Purpose: use::searching, works-with-format::html, Supports Format: works-with-format::pdf, works-with-format::plaintext, works-with-format::postscript, works-with::text, X Window System: Application

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amd64 1,588.7 kt5,487.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
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