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Paketti: mate-sensors-applet (1.16.1-1)

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Display readings from hardware sensors in your MATE panel

MATE Sensors Applet is an applet for the MATE panel that displays readings from hardware sensors, including temperatures, fan speeds and voltage readings.

It can gather data from the following sources:

 * ACPI thermal zones, via the Linux kernel ACPI modules
 * Linux kernel i2c modules
 * lm-sensors (libsensors)
 * Linux kernel i8k module (for Dell Inspiron Laptops)
 * Linux kernel ibm-acpi module
 * Linux kernel PowerPC modules therm_adt746x and therm_windtunnel
 * Linux kernel iMac G5 Windfarm module
 * hddtemp daemon for reading temperatures from S.M.A.R.T. equipped hard disks
 * Linux kernel Omnibook module
 * NVIDIA graphics cards (supplied with mate-sensors-applet-nvidia package)
 * Linux kernel sonypi module (for Sony Vaio laptops)

Alarms can be set for each sensor to notify the user once a certain high or low value has been reached, and can be configured to execute a given command at given repeated intervals.

Tagit: Interface Toolkit: GTK

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