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Paketti: parsec47 (0.2.dfsg1-8 ja muut)

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retromodern hispeed shmup

PARSEC47 is a retromodern hi-speed shoot 'em up where you get to defeat retro enemies modernly. The player must destroy enemies while avoiding their projectiles and collecting green clusters of boxes for points.

PARSEC47 is another gem among many by Kenta Cho.

Tagit: Games and Amusement: Action and Arcade, Implemented in: Need an extra tag, User Interface: Three-Dimensional, interface::graphical, interface::x11, Role: Program, Interface Toolkit: SDL, Purpose: use::gameplaying, x11::application

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Arkkitehtuuri Versio Paketin koko Koko asennettuna Tiedostot
amd64 0.2.dfsg1-8+b1 464.2 kt2,246.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
armel 0.2.dfsg1-8+b1 401.3 kt1,903.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
armhf 0.2.dfsg1-8+b1 405.6 kt1,547.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
i386 0.2.dfsg1-8+b1 515.6 kt2,286.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]