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Documentation for POCO - The C++ Portable Components

The C++ Portable Components currently consist of eleven libraries:

 * The Foundation library (contains a platform abstraction layer)
 * The XML library (contains an XML parser as well as an XMLWriter)
 * The Util library (contains classes for working with configuration files and
   command line arguments)
 * The Net and the NetSSL libraries (contains network classes like sockets,
   SMTP, HTTP, Secure Socket Layer, SSL secured HTTP, etc.)
 * The Data library (contains data abstraction layer)
 * The ODBC, MySQL and the SQLite libraries (contains database connectivity)
 * The Crypto library (contains implementation of DES, AES, RSA, etc.)
 * The Zip library

Tagit: Software Development: Käyttöohjeet, C++ Development, SQL, Made Of: made-of::html, protocol::http, Network Protocol: SMTP, SSL/TLS, Role: role::documentation, security::cryptography

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