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fast key-value storage library

LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.


 * Keys and values are arbitrary byte arrays.
 * Data is stored sorted by key.
 * Callers can provide a custom comparison function to override
   the sort order.
 * The basic operations are Put(key,value), Get(key), Delete(key).
 * Multiple changes can be made in one atomic batch.
 * Users can create a transient snapshot to get a consistent view of
 * Forward and backward iteration is supported over the data.
 * Data is automatically compressed using the Snappy compression
 * External activity (file system operations etc.) is relayed through
   a virtual interface so users can customize the operating system
 * Detailed documentation about how to use the library is included with
   the source code.


 * This is not a SQL database. It does not have a relational data model,
   it does not support SQL queries, and it has no support for indexes.
 * Only a single process (possibly multi-threaded) can access a
   particular database at a time.
 * There is no client-server support builtin to the library.
   An application that needs such support will have to wrap their own
   server around the library.

This package provides the shared library.

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