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Paketti: libjctools-java (1.2.1-1)

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Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM

JCTools offers some concurrent data structures currently missing from the JDK:

 * SPSC/MPSC/SPMC/MPMC variations for concurrent queues:
   * SPSC - Single Producer Single Consumer (Wait Free, bounded and unbounded)
   * MPSC - Multi Producer Single Consumer (Lock less, bounded and unbounded)
   * SPMC - Single Producer Multi Consumer (Lock less, bounded)
   * MPMC - Multi Producer Multi Consumer (Lock less, bounded)
 * An expanded queue interface (MessagePassingQueue):
   * relaxedOffer/Peek/Poll: trade off conflated guarantee on full/empty queue
     state with improved performance.
   * drain/fill: batch read and write methods for increased throughput
     and reduced contention

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