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Paketti: libcroco3-dev (0.6.11-3)

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Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit

Services provided by Libcroco

 * A parser module that provides
   o A SAC like API. SAC stands for Simple API for CSS. SAC is an event driven
     API which resembles SAX in the xml world.
   o A CSSOM like API. CSSOM stands for Cascading Style Sheet Object Model.

   The libcroco parser implements the CSS Level 2 specification, the CSS
   forward compatibility rules and the CSS cascading rules.

 * A CSS2 selection engine
   Given an xml element node (that obviously comes from an xml document) and
   a stylesheet cascade, the Libcroco selection engine can evaluate the css
   selectors of the cascade and return the style properties associated to
   the xml element node.

   Note that the xml manipulation toolkit used by the libcroco selection
   engine at the moment is libxml2.

This package contains the header files and static libraries which is needed for developing the GTK+ applications.

Tagit: Software Development: Kirjastot, Role: Development Library, Supports Format: works-with-format::html, works-with::text

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