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Paketti: gr-osmosdr (0.1.4-12 ja muut)

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Gnuradio blocks from the OsmoSDR project

The Osmocom project is a family of projects regarding Open source mobile communications.

While primarily being developed for the OsmoSDR hardware, this block as well supports:

 - FUNcube Dongle through libgnuradio-fcd
 - FUNcube Dongle Pro+ through gr-fcdproplus
 - sysmocom OsmoSDR Devices through libosmosdr
 - RTL2832U based DVB-T dongles through librtlsdr
 - RTL-TCP spectrum server (see librtlsdr project)
 - MSi2500 based DVB-T dongles through libmirisdr
 - gnuradio .cfile input through libgnuradio-blocks
 - RFSPACE SDR-IQ, SDR-IP, NetSDR (incl. X2 option)
 - Great Scott Gadgets HackRF through libhackrf
 - Nuand LLC bladeRF through libbladeRF library
 - Ettus USRP Devices through Ettus UHD library
 - Fairwaves UmTRX through Fairwaves' fork of UHD

By using the OsmoSDR block you can take advantage of a common software API in your application(s) independent of the underlying radio hardware.

Tagit: Software Development: Kirjastot, Role: Development Library

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Imurointi kaikille saataville arkkitehtuureille
Arkkitehtuuri Versio Paketin koko Koko asennettuna Tiedostot
amd64 0.1.4-12+b1 211.4 kt1,398.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
arm64 0.1.4-12+b1 188.9 kt1,378.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
armel 0.1.4-12+b1 187.5 kt1,321.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
armhf 0.1.4-12+b1 189.8 kt1,161.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
i386 0.1.4-12+b1 208.9 kt1,364.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mips 0.1.4-12+b1 165.9 kt1,500.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mips64el 0.1.4-12+b1 168.9 kt1,534.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mipsel 0.1.4-12+b1 169.4 kt1,500.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
ppc64el 0.1.4-12+b1 196.9 kt1,538.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
s390x 0.1.4-12+b1 197.7 kt1,470.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]