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Paketti: gnuplot-doc (5.0.5+dfsg1-6+deb9u1)

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Command-line driven interactive plotting program. Doc-package

Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility that supports lots of output formats, including drivers for many printers, (La)TeX, (x)fig, Postscript, and so on. The X11-output is packaged in gnuplot-x11.

Data files and self-defined functions can be manipulated by the internal C-like language. Can perform smoothing, spline-fitting, or nonlinear fits, and can work with complex numbers.

This package contains the additional documentation.

Tagit: Field: Matematiikka, Role: Käyttöohjeet, Purpose: use::converting, works-with::image, Works with: Vector Image

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