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Paketti: fonts-senamirmir-washra (4.1-9)

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collection of unicode fonts for the Ethiopic script

WashRa is, simply, a set of eleven Ethiopic fonts. All of them support the Ethiopic standard included in Unicode 3.0. The fonts are: Ethiopia Jiret, Ethiopic Zelan, Ethiopic WashRa Bold, Ethiopic WashRa SemiBold, Ethiopic Yigezu Bisrat Gothic, Ethiopic Hiwua, Ethiopic Fantuwua, Ethiopic Yebse, Ethiopic Wookianos, Ethiopic Tint, Ethiopic Yigezu Bisrat Goffer.

These fonts were developed by Abass Alamnehe of the Senamirmir Project (http://www.senamirmir.com).

The WashRa fonts are released under the SIL Open Font License and for more information please visit http://scripts.sil.org/OFL.

Tagit: Writing script: Ethiopic (Geʻez), Made Of: Font, Role: Standalone Data, X Window System: Font

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