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Paketti: xrdp (0.9.1-9+deb9u3)

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server

xrdp offers a graphical login to a remote client using RDP (the Remote Desktop Protocol). xrdp can connect to a locally created X.org session with the xorgxrdp drivers, to a VNC X11 server, and forward to another RDP server.

xrdp accepts connections from freerdp, rdesktop, and the built-in terminal server / remote desktop clients of Microsoft Windows operating systems. In the xorgxrdp (which replaces X11RDP) and VNC modes, it provides a fully functional Linux terminal server, offering an X-Window desktop to the user. In the RDP or VNC forwarding mode, any sort of desktop can be used.

Tagit: Implemented in: C, User Interface: Daemon, interface::graphical, network::server, Role: Program, Purpose: Login, use::viewing, x11::application

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