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Paketti: muon (4:5.6.0-1 ja muut)

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package manager for KDE

Muon is a graphical package manager for KDE.

Features of note include:

 * A powerful, yet intuitive interface
 * Fast, accurate package search using the apt-xapian index and the Synaptic
   search algorithm
 * Support for filtering packages by status and category
 * Media change support
 * Support for configuring packages through the debconf system
 * Warn about/disallow the installation of untrusted packages, depending on
   APT settings
 * Uses Polkit for running privileged actions for enhanced security,
   convenience, and desktop integration
 * Power management suspension during package downloads, installations and
 * Support for download the latest changelog of a package
 * Package screenshots

Tagit: Interface Toolkit: Qt

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