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Paketti: firmware-ti-connectivity (20190114-1~bpo9+2) [non-free]

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Binary firmware for TI Connectivity wifi and BT/FM/GPS adapters

This package contains the binary firmware for Texas Instruments WL1251, WL127x, WL128x and WL18xx wireless network chips supported by the wl1251, wl12xx and wl18xx drivers and BT/FM/GPS chips supported by the st_drv driver.


 * ti-connectivity/TIInit_6.2.31.bts
 * ti-connectivity/TIInit_6.6.15.bts
 * ti-connectivity/TIInit_7.2.31.bts
 * TI WL1251 firmware (ti-connectivity/wl1251-fw.bin)
 * TI WL1251 reference NVS (ti-connectivity/wl1251-nvs.bin)
 * TI WL127x multi-role firmware, version
 * TI WL127x PLT (calibration) firmware, version
 * TI WL127x single-role firmware, version
 * TI WL127x reference NVS (ti-connectivity/wl127x-nvs.bin,
   ti-connectivity/wl1271-nvs.bin, ti-connectivity/wl12xx-nvs.bin)
 * TI WL128x multi-role firmware, version
 * TI WL128x PLT (calibration) firmware, version
 * TI WL128x single-role firmware, version
 * TI WL128x reference NVS (ti-connectivity/wl128x-nvs.bin)
 * TI WL18xx firmware, ABI 2 (ti-connectivity/wl18xx-fw-2.bin)
 * TI WL18xx firmware, ABI 3 (ti-connectivity/wl18xx-fw-3.bin)
 * TI WL18xx firmware, ABI 4, version

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