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Paketti: usb-modeswitch (1.1.4-2)

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mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" USB devices

Several new USB devices have their proprietary Windows drivers onboard, especially WAN dongles. When plugged in for the first time, they act like a flash storage and start installing the driver from there. If the driver is already installed, the storage device vanishes and a new device, such as an USB modem, shows up. This is called the "ZeroCD" feature.

On Debian, this is not needed, since the driver is included as a Linux kernel module, such as "usbserial". However, the device still shows up as "usb-storage" by default. usb-modeswitch solves that issue by sending the command which actually performs the switching of the device from "usb-storage" to "usbserial".

This package contains the binaries and the brother scripts.

Tagit: System Administration: Hardware Support, Hardware Enablement: USB, Implemented in: C, Tcl, Tool Command Language, User Interface: Command Line, Role: Program, Purpose: Configuration, Hardware Driver

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