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classic ATF Typo Script revival font

Math typesetting requires an ornate capital script font for symbols such as script-H (Hilbert space), script-P (powerset), and so on. The most commonly used such font in TeX is rsfs (Ralph Smith's Formal Script), which is based on the classic ATF Typo Script. Many of the ATF script fonts have been professionally digitized, but not this one.

The lines of the Typo Script digitization are much more delicate and refined, largely because they're based on the 18pt metal, while rsfs is designed for a 10pt normal and 7pt subscript size. Thus, this draft can't really be used as a drop-in replacement, as the hairlines will simply be too light to reproduce well. At some point, the digital adaptation of the ATF optical scaling technology will be working, allowing to produce more robust versions suitable for use in text-sized mathematical setting.

Tagit: Made Of: Font, Role: Standalone Data, X Window System: Font

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