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source for loop-AES encryption modules

This package contains source code of the loop-AES loadable kernel modules for Linux 2.0 - 2.6. It can be used with module-assistant, make-kpkg or stand-alone to build loop-AES module packages.

loop-AES can be used to encrypt disk partitions, removable media, swap space and other devices. It provides measures to strengthen the encryption: Passphrase seeds, multiple hash iterations, MD5 IV and use of alternating encryption keys.

Encryption keys can be stored in a GnuPG-encrypted keyfile, which allows the passphrase to be changed without re-encryption. Keyfiles can also be encrypted asymmetrically for multi-user access.

This package includes the cipher modules blowfish, twofish and serpent in addition to the default cipher (AES).

Modules compiled from this package require mount utils with support for loop-AES to work correctly. Such utils are provided in the package 'loop-aes-utils'.

Tagit: System Administration: Kernel or Modules, Implemented in: C, Role: Source Code, Security: Cryptography

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