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Paketti: grace (1:5.1.22-8)

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An XY plotting tool

Grace is a point-and-click tool that allows the user to draw X-Y plots. This is the program formerly known as Xmgr.

A few of its features are: User defined scaling, tick marks, labels, symbols, line styles, colors. Polynomial regression, splines, running averages, DFT/FFT, cross/auto-correlation. Batch mode for unattended plotting. Hardcopy support for PostScript, FrameMaker and several image formats.

Tagit: Field: Matematiikka, Implemented in: Fortran, User Interface: X Window System, : qa::orphaned, Role: Program, Scope: Application, Interface Toolkit: Lesstif/Motif, Purpose: Editing, Printing, Works with: Image, Vector Image, Text, Supports Format: PostScript, X Window System: Application

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