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Paketti: libcore-extended-ocaml (0.6.0-2 ja muut)

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Jane Street's standard library for OCaml - extensions (runtime)

Core is an alternative to the OCaml standard library developed by Jane Street Capital.

Core does a number of things:

 * provides tail recursive versions of non tail recursive functions in
   the standard library;
 * changes the signature of many of the standard modules to enforce
   consistent naming conventions;
 * includes generic serialization for most types;
 * adds some new modules as well as new functionality to existing

Beware that Core extends some functionality of the legacy standard library, and outright changes or replaces other; backward compatibility

The code of Core is routinely reviewed within Jane Street Capital according to their quality assurance requirements. The extra library called Core_extended adds new functionalities on top of Core, but is only reviewed on an ad-hoc basis.

This package contains the runtime stuff you need to run programs using Core_extended.

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