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Paketti: gnumail.app (1.2.0~pre3+snap20071004-4 ja muut)

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fully featured mail application

GNUMail is a clone of NeXT/Apple's excellent Mail.app application. It uses the GNUstep development framework (or Apple Cocoa, which is based on the OpenStep specification provided by NeXT, Inc.).

Tagit: Implemented in: Objective C, User Interface: X Window System, Electronic Mail: Mail User Agent, Networking: Client, Network Protocol: SMTP, Role: Plugin, Program, Application Suite: GNUstep, Purpose: Editing, Works with: Email, X Window System: Application

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mipsel 1.2.0~pre3+snap20071004-4+b3 1,478.9 kt8,000.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]