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Paketti: lksctp-tools (1.0.11+dfsg-1)

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user-space access to Linux Kernel SCTP - commandline tools

Commandline tools and libraries to test SCTP functionality

This package is part of the LKSCTP project.

It includes the following commandline tools:

 * checksctp: Determine if kernel supports SCTP
 * withsctp: Run existing TCP binaries over SCTP
 * sctp_darn: Send and receive messages via SCTP
 * sctp_test: Userspace test application for the SCTP kernel
   reference implementation

SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) is a message oriented, reliable transport protocol, with congestion control, support for transparent multi-homing, and multiple ordered streams of messages. RFC2960 defines the core protocol.

Tagit: System Administration: Kernel or Modules, Implemented in: C, User Interface: Command Line, Networking: Client, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Purpose: Checking

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