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Paketti: libsuitesparse-dbg (1:3.4.0-2)

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libraries for sparse matrices computations (debugging symbols)

Suitesparse is a collection of libraries for computations involving sparse matrices. This package includes the following libraries:

AMD approximate minimum degree ordering

CAMD symmetric approximate minimum degree

BTF permutation to block triangular form (beta)

COLAMD column approximate minimum degree ordering

CCOLAMD constrained column approximate minimum degree ordering

CHOLMOD sparse Cholesky factorization

CSparse a concise sparse matrix package

CXSparse CSparse extended: complex matrix, int and long int support

KLU sparse LU factorization, primarily for circuit simulation

LDL a simple LDL' factorization

UMFPACK sparse LU factorization

UFconfig configuration file for all the above packages.

This package contains the debug libraries (stored in /usr/lib/debug).

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