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Paketti: libdpkg-perl (1.15.11)

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Dpkg perl modules

This package provides the perl modules used by the scripts in dpkg-dev. They cover a wide range of functionalities. Among them there are the following modules:

 - Dpkg::Arch: manipulate Debian architecture information
 - Dpkg::BuildOptions: parse and manipulate DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
 - Dpkg::Changelog: parse Debian changelogs
 - Dpkg::Checksums: generate and parse checksums
 - Dpkg::Compression::Process: wrapper around compression tools
 - Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle: transparently (de)compress files
 - Dpkg::Control: parse and manipulate Debian control information
   (.dsc, .changes, Packages/Sources entries, etc.)
 - Dpkg::Deps: parse and manipulate dependencies
 - Dpkg::ErrorHandling: common error functions
 - Dpkg::Index: collections of Dpkg::Control (Packages/Sources files for
 - Dpkg::IPC: spawn sub-processes and feed/retrieve data
 - Dpkg::Substvars: substitute variables in strings
 - Dpkg::Vendor: identify current distribution vendor
 - Dpkg::Version: parse and manipulate Debian package versions

All the packages listed in Suggests or Recommends are used by some of the modules.

Tagit: Software Development: Debian, Perl Development, Packaging, Implemented in: Perl, Role: Shared Library, Application Suite: Debian, Works with: Archive, Source Code

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