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Paketti: caspar (20100624-1)

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Makefile snippets for common tasks

Caspar offers Makefile snippets for tasks like installing files you maintain using a version control system, or typesetting documents in some markup language.

If you need to maintain and distribute lots of files (system configuration files for Unix hosts using a version control system, e.g.), caspar is likely useful for you.

If you write documents in a markup language like LaTeX, DocBook XML, DocBook SGML or POD, and want to automate the typesetting, you'll like caspar. Install all suggested packages if you'd like to use this typesetting functionality (or pick the suitable ones from the list of suggested packages).

It's not strictly necessary to know how to write Makefiles when using caspar.

Tagit: System Administration: Configuration Tool, Role: Program, Purpose: Typesetting, Works with: Text, Supports Format: DocBook

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