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Paketti: ttf-sil-padauk (2.61-2)

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smart Unicode font for languages in Myanmar

Padauk is a Myanmar font covering all currently used characters in the Myanmar block as specified in Unicode 5.1

The font is a smart font using a Graphite description.

The GDL source code for the description and the corresponding documentation is available on the website or in the source package (simply type "apt-get source" to download it). In addition OpenType tables have been added.

The features of the font are complete coverage of Myanmar script (excluding unused characters U+1050..U+1059), Graphite smarts including line breaking rules, OpenType tables for use on Windows.

Two fonts from this typeface family are included in this release:

   * Padauk
   * Padauk Bold

Tagit: Made Of: Font, Role: Standalone Data, X Window System: Font

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