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Paketti: plptools (1.0.9-2)

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Access EPOC device (Psion PDA) over a serial link

This package lets you access EPOC devices' drives over a serial link. You can mount them NFS-style, access them FTP-style, use a local printer from the remote device (EPOC32 only) and perform backup/restore.

The software is related to p3nfs, which is also packaged for Debian, but plptools uses the native Psion protocol, whereas p3nfs requires a program to be installed on the Psion.

Version 1.0 and later no longer provide specific KDE integration.

Tagit: System Administration: Backup and Restoration, Filesystem Tool, User Interface: Command Line, Daemon, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Purpose: Printing, Synchronisation, Works with: Archive, Tiedostot

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