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GUI front-end to display rsync status

gtkrsync is a simple GUI that displays a running status display built from rsync --progress -v. This status display includes a per-file and overall status bar, overall estimated time to completion, and an expandable button that shows all rsync status output.

Unlike other GUI rsync frontends such as grsync, gtkrsync does not have any GUI tools for configuring or invoking rsync. gtkrsync is designed to be invoked from the command line or shell scripts, which already specify all the needed rsync options. It is thus ideal for scripted rsync runs that need a GUI, or for command-line users that would like a GUI to monitor their rsync progress.

This package provides two binaries. gtkrsync is a drop-in replacement for rsync. It fires up the GUI and invokes rsync, passing all args to it. When invoked this way, gtkrsync is able to detect if rsync exits in error and alerts the user. gtkrsync can also monitor both stdout and stderr from rsync, and displays both. The cancel button in gtkrsync also will kill off the rsync process.

The other binary is gtkrsyncp. This program accepts the output of rsync --progress -v on standard input and displays it in a GUI. It cannot detect whether rsync exited in error and cannot kill rsync when Cancel is pressed. However, this program may be useful in some cases when direct control of rsync is handled elsewhere.

Tagit: System Administration: Backup and Restoration, User Interface: X Window System, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Purpose: Monitoring, Synchronisation

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