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Paketti: vflib3-dev (3.6.14.dfsg-3+nmu4)

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Development files for VFlib3

VFlib3 is a font rasterizer library for multi-lingual information processing. Using VFlib3, you can obtain bitmap data of characters(glyphs) from various fonts in a unified manner.

VFlib3 can handle almost all font formats available - it now supports PK, GF, VF, TFM, OFM level 0, OVF, PCF, BDF, HBF, Syotai-Club, JG, eKanji and more. TrueType and Type 1 fonts are also supported via FreeType2. Font search via kpathsea is supported, too.

This package contains the header file and static library for developing with VFlib3.

Tagit: Culture: japani, Software Development: C Development, Kirjastot, Implemented in: implemented-in::c, role::devel-lib, Role: Käyttöohjeet, Works with: Fonts

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alpha (epävirallinen siirros) 151.0 kt1,386.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
amd64 128.6 kt829.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
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i386 127.8 kt627.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
kfreebsd-amd64 129.0 kt832.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
kfreebsd-i386 127.7 kt627.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
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mips 133.6 kt869.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mips64el 142.8 kt1,272.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
mipsel 137.1 kt869.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
powerpcspe (epävirallinen siirros) 123.1 kt786.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
ppc64 (epävirallinen siirros) 128.6 kt1,118.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
ppc64el 129.0 kt1,060.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
s390x 125.7 kt928.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
sh4 (epävirallinen siirros) 138.1 kt655.0 kt [tiedostoluettelo]
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