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Go lib to transform between common variable casing conventions

Varcaser is a library for converting variables between different programming language casing conventions.

Varcaser is now stable. Although bugs that are discovered will be fixed, there is no plan to add more features to Varcaser.

The case transformation component of Varcaser is implemented without regular expressions.

Available Case Conventions:

  - HTTP-Header-Case
  - HttpHeaderCase
  - kebab-case
  - KebabCase
  - LowerCamelCase
  - lowerCamelCase
  - LowerCamelCaseKeepCaps
  - lowerCamelCaseKeepCaps
  - LowerSnakeCase
  - lower_snake_case
  - ScreamingKebabCase
  - ScreamingSnakeCase
  - UpperCamelCase
  - UpperCamelCaseKeepCaps

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