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Paketti: golang-debian-mdosch-xmppsrv-dev (0.2.4-1)

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Look up XMPP SRV records (library)

All functions return []SRV with SRV being the following struct:

type SRV struct {

        Type     string
        Target   string
        Port     uint16
        Priority uint16
        Weight   uint16

. Type is either xmpp-client, xmpps-client, xmpp-server or xmpps-server.

The functions LookupXmppServer, LookupXmppsServer, LookupXmppClientandLookupXmppsClient` are called with the server name and return the respective SRV records.

The function LookupClient and LookupServer are also called with the server name but return xmpp and xmpps SRV records ordered by priority and weight.

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