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incrementally clones running drives (documentation package)

This package allows you to clone your drive to a target drive. It clones the drive incrementally, so after the first clone it will take a much shorter time. It provides both the "weresync" and "weresync-gui" commands, in order to run the program.

Why use WereSync?

WereSync is accessible to less-technical users. It comes with a simple interface and clone a drive with a single command while your computer is running. No booting to a live disk or pushing through a long initiation process. Unlike dd or CloneZilla, WereSync requires a low level of technical skill and has an easy learning curve

WereSync can run while the your main drive is being used, instead of blocking your computer up for hours at a time

WereSync will incrementally update clones, making subsequent clones much faster.

WereSync works quickly, a single command copies your entire drive, no booting to live CDs or managing MBRs.

WereSync can copy to a smaller drive, provided your drive's data will fit.

WereSync creates new UUIDs for the new partitions, allowing you to use the old and new drives alongside each other.

This is the documentation package.

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